Internet timeout error with WPEsecurity activation

  alpro 02:19 07 Apr 2009

HI, I have a Black Bell modem with a linkseys router attached to it. The internet and all is working fine without any security applied, but when I activate WPE wireless security, it works fine for a day, but then all the internet shuts down and only the local area network is left working. If you`re wondering why I don`t try WPA security I can`t because one of my computer uses windows 2000... So the only way to fix this is to reboot the modem, but then it starts over and over.......

  ambra4 05:58 23 May 2009

“It works fine for a day, but then all the Internet shuts down and only the local area network is left working”

Check your setting on the Wireless Card and Network Connection

Right click on Wireless Icon in the task bar Click Status-General-Properties

Click – Wireless Network Tab – In the “Preferred Network” display box highlight your

Network name and click Properties

Check that the following is Ticked

“ Connect even if this network is not broadcasting”

Click Connection Tab – “ Connect when this network is in range”

At the top of display the type of Wireless Card will be displayed

Click Configure-Click-Advanced Tab

Check the following: -

“Auto Connection Mode” is Enable

“Power Saving Mode” Set to Cam (Constantly Awake Mode)

In Vista disable the IPv6 setting

Vista contains both the familiar IPv4 stack and the new IPv6 stack

IPv6 when it's rolled out across the Internet over the next few years, will bring an end to

the problem of running out of IP addresses and improve other aspects of TCP/IP

However you do not need IPv6 at present time disable IPv6 in Vista will help to improve

connection and quality

Download the pdf file will tell you how to disable IPv6 in Vista

click here

Network Connection Setting

Click-Start- Setting-Network Connection-New Connection Wizard

Select-Connect to the Internet-Next

Select-Set Up My Connection Manually-Next

Select-Connect using a broadband connection that is always on


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