Internet still slow..what can i do??

  joostin 21:33 09 Jun 2009

Firstly thank you to Buteman today for trying to get my Internet speed sorted but 12 hours later i still have the problem.
To recap i hve a sony Vaio desktop,Orangelivebox which has been replaced last weekend to see if the slowness was the problem with that.Bt where called by Orange as i have had this problem since dec 08.When BT came they replaced the front plate on my downstairs main socket.When they tested thier laptops on the main socket..3 meg on my socket here in the bedroom 2.5 meg.When i ran speed test...128KBPS and i have very rarley got more than 130kbps ????.
Today with help from Buteman on this forum he told me to download Malware which i ran and removed 52 objects ran again just now and 0 objects.He said to check my CPU thats 99% no probs there.
Could this be my Livebox and a need a better Router how do i find out wats coming into my PC from the box and wht figures are good or bad to slow speed down?.Im disk cleaning moving things to my external hard drive to free up C drive??? nothings working.
Is there anything i can do to tell if my tower is to blame? im on Ethernet connection by the way.
Thank you guys
In desperation

  T I M B O 21:41 09 Jun 2009

have you removed the front of ur bt socket and pluged ur choke direct then tested ur speed again? Some BT sockets do slow down ur connection.

  Sea Urchin 21:42 09 Jun 2009

Absolutely no point in starting a new thread on the same subject - keep with the one that's running already.

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  joostin 21:47 09 Jun 2009

Have done that Timbo but as i say when BT guys came they plugged into mine im using now and they got 2.5 meg im getting 128 kpbs of im lucky

  birdface 07:20 10 Jun 2009

maybe someone can tell you how this works.

click here

I tried it on mine and it helped a lot but I was not sure if I had it set right so maybe better waiting until someone can explain how to use it.

Also make sure you are using DMA and not PIO mode.

  birdface 07:28 10 Jun 2009

Maybe try this.

click here

It is free and will tell you if any of your drivers need updating.

  ^wave^ 09:03 10 Jun 2009

start from square one disconnect everything except your pc and router. then run a speed test try at different times of the day your prob may be time dependant, isp throttleing. try it with an ethernet cable if you run wirless. if bt get 3 meg then you should

  joostin 11:07 11 Jun 2009

Hi Wave,yeah done that loads of times now its wierd.The Livebox is a brand new replacement from Orange.Would a new memeory card help guys?? bought the pc in 2004??

  joostin 11:16 11 Jun 2009

Buteman just tried that downloading that driver repair and its telling me theres a library run error and file to big i havnt got enough space..happy days not

  rdave13 12:01 11 Jun 2009

Worth checking the microfilters in case one is faulty?
To check your microfilters to see if you’ve got a faulty one, unplug everything from all phone sockets in the house, test each filter from the master socket by connecting to the Internet.

  joostin 13:54 11 Jun 2009

Jock 1e i have 27.9 GB mem and i have 1.95 free..low isnt it would that effect internet speed?? i also have seagate external hard drive running off K

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