Internet Speeds again

  It's Me 15:08 12 Apr 2005

Unfortunately I closed of my last go at this subject when I thought I'd got somewhere.

I received a lot of advise on how to check the speed of my Internet connection, for which I am grateful. However, I am now confused with the various speeds that I have found and really I cannot interpret them.

McFee tells me that my speed is 471.12Kbps (58.89KBps)and the actual speedometer shows 200KBPS. I am being careful with my capital letters here!

My PC shows the Local Area Connection Speed 100Mbps.

The ASDL BB Speed Test shows:-

Actual Speed - - Downstream 459Kbps(57.4KB/sec)
- - Upstream 241Kbps(30.1KB/sec)
True Speed - - - Downstream Estimate 495Kbps
- - - Upstream Estimate 260Kbps

I'm sure that all this stuff will be perfectly clear to everybody else, but remembering that I am now supposed to be on what Tiscali calls x10 speed (512 somethings), could someone please attempt to explain to an old idiot like me, what all these figures might mean.

  VoG II 15:15 12 Apr 2005

click here click here and click here should help. Local Area Connection Speed 100Mbps is the speed of the network/ethernet card in your PC.

  woodchip 15:26 12 Apr 2005

The speed you have there in your post is correct for a 512Kb service as I am on one

  Yoda Knight 15:33 12 Apr 2005

The 512 that Tiscali refers to is the top speed of your connection, but this will be influenced by various things that will drag it down, so you wont see 512 very often (if ever, but I have seen some strange results to...). The biggest problem is the upload speed from the sites you visit, which are affected by the amount of users it is trying to serve at once.

So your reported speed of 459 is probably accurate FOR THAT SERVER, which is why ADSL BB Speed Test results (459) differs from the McFee results (471).

I think the estimated results are an attempt to take the number of connections to the server into account. The average of all the results is probably the closest you will get to an acurate speed test result

  It's Me 15:43 12 Apr 2005

Thank you.

I've had a look at the links and am looking forward to a rest in a darkened room.

What does seem clear though, is that the Status symbol on my PC is no good at all. I went through all the places shown in the Network Connections and this was the only place where a 'tick' did anything. So it looks as if I will have do without anything showing there.

I assume that because the readings I show are OK for a 512Kb connection, that it is the 471 and 459 readings that demonstrate this. It is nice to get the confirmation that I am indeed getting the proper connection after all.

Thank you both again

  It's Me 16:17 12 Apr 2005

Sorry. Your post had not appeared when I sent my last post. Thank you, that adds a little more to my understanding.

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