Internet speed test?

  Cymro. 19:00 07 Oct 2006

I ran an Internet speed test the other night on the Internet Frog site. The speed was about what I expected but they said that my quality of service was only 66%. This seemed very low to me so I ran the same test again tonight. This time speed much the same but quality of service was improved to 89%. I have done nothing to my set-up to improve it`s performance so I assume any improvement is down to my I.S.P. which is B.T. So why was my quality of service so poor on first test and so much improved a couple of days later? and how much difference does it make to the way my computer runs? Have I got room to complain to B.T.? What would be an exceptable figure for quality of service?

  Cymro. 19:01 07 Oct 2006

My computer was running much the same on both nights.

  Jackcoms 19:12 07 Oct 2006

You can run a speed test every 5 minutes of every day and they will probably all show a different result.

Local contention ratios, time of day, the quality of your 'phone line, distance from your local exchange will all play a part.

If you AVERAGE 90%+ over a period of time you're doing OK.

  Cymro. 19:21 07 Oct 2006

So from what you say I assume this quality of service they mention at 66% and then 89% is directly related to the actual speed of my connection at the time. The only problem with that is that the speed was the same on both occasions.

  gayparade 19:25 07 Oct 2006

put your computer in the fridge and that will make it have faster internet !!!

  Cymro. 19:29 07 Oct 2006

Why do I always attract these wind-up`s?
I am not worried about my speed all I want to know is what is this quality of service that they are on about.

  the old man 20:18 07 Oct 2006

this is just for info.
I am on sky bb, connect service, and my exchange should let me have a service approaching 7meg download. the following are the results of a speed test I have just done at the internet frog website and I am stunned at the results.
You think you have problems.

Download: 267,384 bps
Upload: 39,896 bps
QOS: 38%
RTT: 120 ms
MaxPause: 532 ms

  Jackcoms 20:23 07 Oct 2006

"Quality of service" (to be honest, a strange use of terminology) probably means you are achieving 66% or whatever of the rated connection speed you are subscribing to from your ISP.

That could be 512k or 1mb or 2mb, etc, etc.

Try click here for a rather more accurate speed test.

  Cymro. 20:43 07 Oct 2006

Thanks for that. I think we are getting somewhere now. It was a term I had not come across before.

  Cymro. 20:55 07 Oct 2006

Just finished the speed test you recommended. Slightly faster result than the internetfrog one and no mention of quality of service so will put it down to as you say "to be honest, a strange use of terminology" by internetFrog.
So thanks to all.

  Cymro. 20:56 07 Oct 2006

I have ticked resolved.

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