Internet Speed loss

  tom200567 19:15 25 Aug 2005

Hi, I have a 2mb BT internet connection which was upgraded from 600kb, whenever i try to download things or updates from microsoft update it said the download would take less than a minute on my connection but it took more than 10 minutes, whats going on?

  VoG II 19:18 25 Aug 2005

Try a speed test click here

  johnnyrocker 19:19 25 Aug 2005

click here and check your speed what else did you have running at the same time? what antispyware do you have? finally os etc.


  tom200567 19:24 25 Aug 2005

I was surfing the web at the same time and i have microsoft anti spyware, is doing a speed test safe?

  VoG II 19:25 25 Aug 2005

Speed testing is perfectly safe.

  tom200567 19:25 25 Aug 2005

and I have Windows XP Home SP2

  tom200567 19:29 25 Aug 2005

I have just done a speed test and the results were
Downstream 1255 Kbps (156.9 KB/sec) 1355 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 242 Kbps (30.3 KB/sec) 261 Kbps (inc. overheads)
is that bad?

  Phphred 19:34 25 Aug 2005

click here

For 250kbps End Users speeds between 50 - 250kbps.
For 500kbps End Users speeds between 100 - 500kbps.
For 1000kbps End Users speeds between 200 - 1000kbps.
For 2000kbps End Users speeds between 400 - 2000kbps.

  johnnyrocker 19:35 25 Aug 2005

a little on the low side for 2 meg, i would suggest doing another test click here and follow the recommendations when it has found what is wrong


  Chegs ® 22:59 25 Aug 2005

Looks likely another contention ratio prob.I have a 2Mb connection,it often falls to lower than my previous 512Kb during the "peak" traffic times.I only get my 2Mb connection after 2:00am and starts to drop off after 13:00pm.

With a previous ISP(on 20:1 ratio)my connection rarely ever achieved better than my ISDN had,numerous complaints to them produced nada improvement so I changed ISP.This ISP gave fantastic service,rectifying any problems quickly after my notifying them.

  johnnyrocker 00:04 26 Aug 2005

it is difficult to know whats what but my isp has regularly come up with the goods internet wise without fail only good for london area users click here


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