Internet speed indicator thingy??

  jake2 21:28 08 Nov 2005

When I first connect to the internet, the "two tv's" appear in the area next to the clock showing the connection speed and bytes sent and recieved. My question is: I was supposed to have been upgraded from 512kbps to 2mb when I migrated to Demon from Nildram yet my speed still shows up on there as 576.0kbps.
Now I know Demon have issues at the moment but I suspect that I have never been upgraded would this indicator showing 576.0 instead of 2.2 support my theory?

  Kev.Ifty 22:23 08 Nov 2005

Test it yourself ;-)

click here

Cheers Kev

  jake2 08:04 09 Nov 2005

Thanks Kev I have done that a few times the speeds are coming back within normal ranges for a 512 connection (from 400 to 460 down) What I am trying to establish is whether or not I have been upgraded to 2mb line. The speeds suggest to me that I have not. I was wondering if the indicator I mentioned would definately show the line connection speed, thereby giving me the proof I am looking for to question the isp. I guess that the indicator SHOULD show 2.2 (I know the actual speeds would probably be around 1800ish)

  ade.h 19:34 10 Nov 2005

Yes, it should show 2.2 Mbp/s. I would guess that there has been some sort of problem with your upgrade.

  woodchip 22:38 10 Nov 2005

No you have not been ugraded, I Have a 1Mb line with a BT line and NTL Freedom service I get 958 kb/s just tested it

  jake2 15:13 11 Nov 2005

Thanks all, well I have some progress!! I have spoken to Demon and they confirmed that my upgrade was missed during migration and would be done before the weekend. I came home today to find the indicator (whats the proper name for this?) now shows 1.1! A step in the right direction! I know the exchange is 2mb enabled because my parents have just been upgraded to 2mb (tested theirs last night 1880 down I think) and I tested work today aswell (around 1600ish) Now I live about 1/2 a mile further from the exchange that my parents and I know that will affect my speeds. What I need to know is would the distance bar me from having a 2mb connection, or would I get a 2mb connection but with lower speeds affected by distance?
My guess is that I should be showing 2.2. Right or wrong?

My Pipex Connection, always showed 2.2mbps before I changed to a wireless router/modem. So I would say that you have been upgraded to a 1mb connection not 2mb (I don't think it would arrive gradually at 2.2mb)

PS Even though connection showed at 2.2mbps in the indicator, doing a adsl speed test never showed that sort of speed, usually around the 1880 mark , also my M&d live one road closer to the xchange than me, but our speeds are pretty similar!

  jake2 18:18 11 Nov 2005

Ok thanks Debe I'll get in touch with my isp again!!!

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