Internet speed down from2400 to 47 Kbps Help!

  six-h 22:59 14 Jun 2007

I've had problems with cleaning out an infection, but with the concentrated efforts of the Malware Removal forum, I've now got a clean machine!

However Yesterday, evening, a popup elbowed IE out of the way to ask "if my PC was slowing down?", and" Had I got a virus?"
It was impossible to close the window, and it tried to make a connection, so I closed IE.
Task Mgr., then showed that even with nothing running, IE was using 47% of CPU!

Malware reckoned that this was all due to MS updates "wetting it's pants" to install the received up dates, and advised me to shut down & reboot.
Unconvinced, I did this, and surprise, on re-booting, all was normal.
A quick scan with HiJackThis showed that I still have a clean machine!

BUT, suddenly, my internet connection had gone from average Speed test results of around 2400 Kbps, to as low as 47 Kbps testing with
I put it down to the heavy rain that we had locally yesterday, affecting the BT lines.

This morning, speed test results were reassuringly improved, but as soon as the Kids came home from school, and a couple of nearby networks fired up, my speed dropped back to around 172 Kbps, and my Network connection speed is fluctuating between 18 and 36 Mbps, but as soon as I begin to transmit, it drops to 18, and stays there only recovering when my transmission ends.

There are two, weak signals from other local networks currently live, but their presence has never before affected my performance.

I,(who know nothing),
{apologies to Shirley Bassey!}
can only think of three things: -

1) Something has infected my router (if that is possible)

2) I need to change the broadcast channels for my Router/LAN card from the defaults.

3) It really is the weather!!!

Another thought, I'm with TalkTalk, and have found a site: - click here

This fills up with pretty green arrows against a list of items that don’t mean much to me.
Could this be a source of help?

Sorry to bore any unsuspecting readers with all this historical detail, but I don’t know what may be significant!!

Any ideas??

  Totally-braindead 23:07 14 Jun 2007

I know that option one isn't possible but cannot help with the others. Hopefully someone else will.

  six-h 23:10 14 Jun 2007

Thats one crossed off!

All contributions gratefully received.....:-)

  Totally-braindead 23:13 14 Jun 2007

Just a thought. You mention speed tests. Has your connection speed noticeably dropped, IE does it take longer to open and load a webpage, if not then the speed test might be wrong.

  Ashrich 23:38 14 Jun 2007

Have another look in Task Manager , connecting to a wireless network uses processor cycles , and if your processor is still working overtime on something else then it will not be efficient in other things , like connecting to your network , run all your antispyware stuff again , I particularly don't like the sound of that pop up asking if you were running slow or had a virus ...the sort of thing certain types of malware do . I personally think you may still have something dodgy on there ...


  six-h 23:50 14 Jun 2007

I've run a series of tests using BBMax: ThinkBroadband: and BlueYonder.
All of which give similarly catastrophic speed results, the tests themselves take much longer(Obviously), but pages like Gmail which Don't require a lot of Too and Fro, load with usual haste.
Connection to the talkTalk page in the link above, sometimes takes 15 minutes and still has "one Item Remaining" I've had to close it!
I've noticed that my Neighbour (Who ever he is), has shut down now so I've just done a speed test with - 2382Kbps, and I've tried the TalkTalk Link and it took less than 20 seconds to fill up with the pretty green arrows!! (what is that about???)

So I think my problem is a conflict with both of my near neighbours.
What I can't understand is why this has only stared to degrade my speed now, when it never has before, well, not appreciably, You just know when someone nearby is online 'cos your speed Does drop a smidgens, but it doesn't fall of a cliff!

  six-h 00:01 15 Jun 2007


I've got Task manager open all the time at present, just peeking out from behind my IE window so that I can keep an eye on CPU Usage, (I'm a bit paranoid at the moment:-))
Pleased to report quiescent state, around 2%, Opening pages invokes a burst of between 22 and 40% for a couple of seconds, then back to 1,2 or3%
So I think (hope) there is nothing furtive going on!

  birdface 09:41 15 Jun 2007

If not running anything else, System Idle Process should be about 98%.

  six-h 12:51 15 Jun 2007

Yes, that's right,
System Idle is running at 97 - 99%.

Currently, there is one of my near neighbours online, and strangely, they are having a negligible effect on my speed: -
Current tests average 2835 Kbps.
yet after 4pm, the same conditions reduce my speed to between 47 and 700 Kbps.!!!
I'm quite confident that the clean bill of health I've been given only yesterday means that this is not being caused by some malware.

  six-h 15:27 17 Jun 2007

Reading in the Magazine,
The article: - "Faster Safer Networking"
Page 113, col.2: -
>>To minimise interference, install & run a utility such as "Netstumbler".
Determine the strength & channel of each available network, set your router to the channel farthest from those of the strongest nearby networks.<<

I thought I had found the answer here, but this advice is then discounted in the next sentence: -

>>A router's automatic channel selection feature does this for you.<<

So why bother with netstumbler in the first place?
Is there a Typo in the magazine, or is my interpretation of the text incorrect?

  Dipso 17:54 17 Jun 2007

Have you tried the connection using a wire ratherthan wreless? Does this make any difference. We need to determine if the wireless link is the problem or your broadband connection itself.

It is worrying that your speeds picked up as soon as your neighbour went of-line...almost sounds like he is leeching off your connection. You have your WPA encryption turned on don't you?

If the problem only shows when you use wireless not over wires I would try changing the channel via the Home Network > Interfaces > WLAN page. If the default is 6, try 1 or 11 but avoid those already in use.

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