Internet speed

  wonderwill 15:00 25 Nov 2006

I have run a test on my broadband speed and come up with the following results

Download 942.9 Kbs
Upload 217.5 Kbs

I still feel that sites are taking longer to open. Is there a utility I can use ( have used registry mechanic and regularly run AVG Ant Spyware.??

  Terry Brown 15:40 25 Nov 2006

The broadband speeds quoted by the companies are the maximum, not the guaranteed speeds.

942.9 is a good speed for most uses.

  rodriguez 15:47 25 Nov 2006

If this is a 1 meg connection, that speed is about normal. If it's 2 meg, then it's about half of what you should be getting and there could be an issue with your line or the distance you are from the exchange. Mine's a 2 meg and the download is 1,891.0 Kbps and the upload is 241.7 Kbps so they're usually rated just below your quoted speed if you have a good line.

  anchor 15:49 25 Nov 2006

What connection are you supposed to be on; 1mb, 2mb, or higher?.

Try a test from here: best to do it at a quiet time for the internet.

click here

  wonderwill 16:31 25 Nov 2006

I am supposed to be on 8 meg with Demon and on Anchor test site I achieved:

Upload 349
Download 1498

  kindly 16:57 25 Nov 2006

I am with talktalk and they sell their broadband as "up to 8meg". This is not what you might get though. The exchange might not handle 8meg yet. Mine runs at opprox 2meg. I was told that until the exchange is altered it will stay there. it sounds like you are in the same boat. Email your isp and ask the question about your speed.

  Dipso 16:58 25 Nov 2006

That's very poor for a up to 8 Meg connection. Can you post your line stats from your modem/router click here

  sean-278262 17:04 25 Nov 2006

4130 up and
390 down on 8mb

Overall your speed is based upon your range from the exchange. My speed is pretty average for 8meg broadband. If you are on the very outskirts it drops drastically, ask your provider to explain why it is so slow.

  lenc 17:13 25 Nov 2006

The speed of any interaction is the speed of the *slowest* component in the entire link. That includes the server, every router, switch, load balancer, patch panel and cable, the exchange equipment, the line and your modem and PC. The speed of each of those components will also be affected by their current load. To repeat, the slowest element in the total path limits the speed of the interaction

  wonderwill 17:27 25 Nov 2006

Nite - Here are my line stats from my Netgear 834 gt

System Up Time 08:09:08
Port Status TxPkts RxPkts Collisions Tx B/s Rx B/s Up Time
WAN PPPoA 1379948 1266114 0 14371 41441 08:08:49
LAN 100M/Full 1255904 1377188 0 41921 15355 08:09:07
WLAN 11M/54M 14125 12773 0 320 77 08:09:04

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 8096 kbps 448 kbps
Line Attenuation 23.0 db 11.0 db
Noise Margin 10.0 db 21.0 d

  Dipso 17:27 25 Nov 2006

An estimate of the expected speed can be made by looking at the downstream SNR and downstream attenuation of the line. This is why I asked the OP what the line stats were.

There are several possible explanations for download speed being limited but I have found in a lot of cases that a simple adjustment to the internal telephone wiring can improve results dramatically.

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