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  pmat 09:44 03 Feb 2007

Hi all. I have a Dell Dimension desktop pc, an Acer laptop, a Netgear DG834G v2 wireless modem router and AOL Platinum. Up until the day before yesterday (and three months before) my connnection was between 7 and 8 Mbps. Suddenly, the speed dropped to 0.5Mbps (yesterday it went up to 1.7Mbps and hasn't increased). I contacted AOL and they carried out a line status check via BT, which came back clear. The next stage is to get BT out to my place to check the line my end. I have been warned that if a problem exists with cabling in my house then I will be liable for the cost of the engineer's visit. So, before I make an appointment, I wanted to ask on here for any suggestion as to why these problems may have developed.

The only changes that were made on my PC in the past couple of weeks was the installation of a program called 'Speed-Up my PC'. I have run all the scans/fixes and the PC does run a little smoother and there were no initial, adverse affects to the internet connection. I have since uninstalled the program to see if it was to blame but the internet speed problem still exists.

My main concerns are that when I go into the router admin screen and also to 'Network Connections>Internet Gateway>Internet Connections>Internet connection Status screen, it shows my connection speed to be 7.8Mbps!! When I do an online speed checker ( I have tried several different ones) all I am getting is 1.7Mbps (ish) and downloading is a nightmare. As I said, my concern is that the router and windows are showing around 8Mbps? If this is what the router is receiving, then why do I seem to be limited to less than 2Mbps? I got a feeling that the problems are to do with my desktop PC but I also get the same speeds on my laptop which then shoots my suspicions about the desktop down in flames, I think!

It has been suggested to me that AOL maybe to blame but they have assured me that I should be getting full speed....also the 7.8Mbps connection as suggested by windows and the router/modem software is making my head spin!

Any ideas?


  Taurus 10:56 03 Feb 2007

It is my experience that some PC speed up progs have the opposite effect. The alterations that need to made to speed up internet connections vary depending upon the type of connection you have and frequently these programs get it wrong. The only suggestion I can make is to do a system restore to a time before the changes (the prog may have done this for you before it made the changes). If this is not possible, try re-running the program and being specific about the type of internet connection you have. Hope this helps.

  pmat 12:25 03 Feb 2007

Thanks Taurus for the response. I'll try a system restore and will let you know how I get on. The indication of around 8Mbps makes me think that the problems are configurational and pc based.



  Dipso 14:46 03 Feb 2007

If the problems still exists try checking your profile using this testerclick here Try at a quiet time on the net as it gets busy.

It should show your connection speed as 8Meg or thereabouts but if your profile (potential download speed) is a lot lower than this, that is the reason for your slow speeds.

A one off low sync event e.g. after a thunderstorm can have this effect however, it should return to normal speeds after 3 days if this is the case.

  pmat 16:15 03 Feb 2007

Firstly, I have tried the System Restore and restored to a date well before the problems luck there.

ThenI ran the tester, as advised by Dipso and it showed:


IP profile for your line is - 6500 kbps
DSL connection rate: 448 kbps(UP-STREAM) 8128 kbps(DOWN-STREAM)
Actual IP throughput achieved during the test was - 5946 kbps

Does this show that the modem is receiving these speeds? If so, it proves that it's my PC that's to blame? The thing is, I am having the same speed problems on my laptop too.

  Dipso 22:07 03 Feb 2007

The test shows you connect at the maximum 8128Kbps and the profile of 6500 Kbps means your potential download speed is 6500 Kbps. The actual IP thoroughput figure is a speedtest and means that you downloaded at 5946 Kbps (roughley 5.9 Meg) so that's almost the maximum for your profile, nothing wrong there! If you performed the test on your PC there's nothing wrong with that either.

Have you tried one of the other speed tests since and do you still get a low results? I'm wondering if the problem has almost sorted itself out, i.e. the 3 days I mentioned previously.

Your profile figure should actually be 7150 not 6500 as each connection speed has a related data speed, see the table at the bottom of this page click here so there's room for further improvement yet.

From what I can see you don't need to go as far as calling out an engineer. Monitor the line over the next couple of days, reperform the test and see if the profile returns to 7150.

  pmat 23:13 04 Feb 2007


I'll take my hat off to you sir. The problem seems to have sorted itself out, just as you predicted! Thanks for your help and advice. And thanks to Taurus too.



  Dipso 08:47 05 Feb 2007

You're welcome!

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