Internet slow what can i do??? Arggghhh!!

  joostin 09:03 09 Jun 2009

Hi guys,Ive got a Sony Vaio Desktop.Ive found since december that my broadbandband is slow.Contacted my provider who after 4 months got BT to callto house.They checked sockets with thier laptops ang got amazing speeds downstairs and upstairs the socket i use upto 3 Meg i am getting 128-30 KBPS??.Orange gave me a new Live box and still the same so the problem must be in the Tower eh??.By the way im using an Ethernet wired connection.
A mate in work said to drop security levels to Medium low and medium on privacy which i have and use disk clean up every day as well a winaso registry cleaner.I have 2.00GB space left on my C drive and am running a external hard drive on K with has 210GB free.The only other thing that has happened is my Norton has expired at xmas time but i dont think this should slow p.c??.
Be very greatful if you can help me speed up my connection .Ev now and again it randomly gets up to 355 KBPS but very rare mad when BT got 3meg when they came.
Thank you

  birdface 09:20 09 Jun 2009

Download the free version and update it before you run it.See if it finds any problems.

click here

  birdface 09:44 09 Jun 2009

Check Task Manager.See what is using up the CPU under processes.If nothing running System Idle Process should be showing about 97% this is normal if anything else using up a high % of CPU let us know what it is.Possibly Norton running a scan or looking for updates that it cannot get[Right click Taskbar and click on Task Manager].

Maybe try this Speed Test to see if you get the same results.

click here

  joostin 09:52 09 Jun 2009

Thanks Buteman running it now.Got 2 infections so far in HKEY??.Sorry to be ignorant but could you talk mr through the above with the CPU im no Bill Gates sorry lol.

  birdface 10:25 09 Jun 2009

Just open Task Manager.Right click an empty space on your Taskbar and click on Task manager.Go to processes.And under CPU it will tell you what processes are using up all of the CPU. If nothing running System Idle process should be showing about 97% this is normal.If any of the other processes are using up a large % of the CPU just let us know what.

I would wait until you think that you have nothing running then you should find out if there are any problems.

  birdface 10:33 09 Jun 2009

Or press.Ctrl Alt Delete at the same time and it should open it.[Taskbar blue bar at the bottom beside the clock]

  joostin 10:38 09 Jun 2009

Ok Buteman think hope we are getting somewhere with your help.I had 52 infections on Malware which i have hopefully repaired and then rebooted.When i did what you said about tak mananger i have 33 processes running and my CPU is 0% my commit charge is 260m / 1250m ??.
Loads of programmes on the list do i get rid of those iexplorer showing most thats prob noermal??

  birdface 11:03 09 Jun 2009

Not sure what you mean.Under CPU it will always show up to 100% of what programs are using it.Like I said across from System Idle process it should be showing about 97% if nothing is running.If any other process showing a high number let us know what.And do not delete anything from there or you may not get your computer to work properly again.
If you have gone into processes.You should see CPU and under that a lot of OO its the ones with the numbers on that we are interested in.System idle process should have a 97% beside it or about that.Thats fine that is what to expect.But if that number is a lot lower check to see what other programs are giving high numbers.Just under CPU and nothing else.

  joostin 11:13 09 Jun 2009

Got you yeah everything else 00 but system idle showing 99%..cant be that then eh ??

  RobCharles1981 11:14 09 Jun 2009


You Connect to Orange? Can you show me your full line stats follow these instructions on how to get them:

There is a page within the router GUI that displays the line stats. Click the link below.

click here

Click on the "Access to the configuration pages" link, then choose System Information from the menu on the left.

If you are prompted to login, the username is admin and the password is admin.

  joostin 11:19 09 Jun 2009

What do you need to know Rob??

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