Internet slow this morning?

  stlucia 11:04 12 Feb 2009

Is it just me, or is it just my area? This morning I've been having problems connecting to the internet then, when connected, time-outs when trying to connect to my usual web sites.

For instance, this site was slow to come up, then eventually the forum screen came up but the progress bar was stuck for a couple of minutes with "Waiting for ..." message.

Come to think of it, another site last night was also partly loading, with "Waiting for such-and-such ads ..." message.

I'm on broadband through AOL, and my browser is Firefox.

  woodchip 11:12 12 Feb 2009

Okay hear 14miles north west Sheffield, on TalkTalk Wireless Laptop

  mgmcc 11:21 12 Feb 2009

>>> "Waiting for <<<

It is the server that provides the adverts on the page that is being unresponsive and preventing the page from loading. As you're using Firefox, get the "Adblock Plus" add-on and set it to block that and similar "ad" serving addresses. You can then get rid of all of the irritating adverts on web pages and, where applicable, those dreadful "intellitxt" underlined words in some forum text.

  stlucia 11:30 12 Feb 2009

That sounds like a good idea, mgmcc. I've just downloaded it and, even if it doesn't solve today's problems, it should speed up some of my page-loading :-)

  provider 2 11:36 12 Feb 2009

Major problems connecting to AOL this morning. It wouldn`t work at all at 9am but OK now 11.35.

Don`t do anything ... problem must have been at their end.

  Stuartli 12:25 12 Feb 2009

I'm getting 7MB-7.2MB average speeds with TalkTalk at present (NW coast), which shares the AOL home page.

But I didn't log on until around 10-15am, which is much later than usual.

  stlucia 20:09 12 Feb 2009

Well, logging on to AOL was still problematic this evening (about 19:00hrs), but I got through at the sixth attempt at about 19:30. Once on-line, everything seems fine -- I can get the web sites that were timing out this morning without any trouble now.

  User-1229748 20:17 12 Feb 2009

ive noticed a few threads over the last few weeks about people having problems with the aol software,be it loading slowly or not at all.more than likely problems their end rather than yours.

  stlucia 07:47 13 Feb 2009

smackheadz, the software loads fine but the progress bar shows that it connects to the internet almost immediately but hangs when trying to make contact with AOL, or to verify my password with AOL.

All's fine this morning, so the evidence seems to me to indicate that there was a blockage in the internet access to AOL, or a blockage or bottleneck within AOL's own system.

  stlucia 20:16 17 Feb 2009

I've been using Adblock Plus for a couple of days now, and it's certainly doing what it says on the tin :-) It even shows a little "Block" tab on any ads that do slip through (not in its database), so that I can add them to the database.

Thanks for the tip, mgmcc.

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