Internet Sharing/Networking?

  athenrye 14:22 19 Aug 2003

i had an old windows 98 se on telewest broadband with nic card, i restored settings and put it in my sons room, for educational purposes!
i now have a shiny new XP running on telewest broadband, my 10 yearold would like to access the web from his room.
i had a look at the earlier posting but it didnt make alot of sense to me sorry, can anybody explain to me the easiest way to acheive this as telewest blueyonder say
"It is possible to connect the cable modem to a local area network (LAN) so that all the computers on that network have access to the Internet through the cable modem.
The bad news next - connecting a cable modem to a LAN is not supported by blueyonder Technical Support (i.e. we are unable to help you set it up)".

it requires to be in plain english and nice and easy with diagrams if you have them!

  Legolas 14:25 19 Aug 2003

click here this might help

  Jester2K II 14:27 19 Aug 2003

I'm no expert but i don't think you need to connect it through a LAN.

You need to connect the two PCs together and then enable Internet Connection Sharing.

Lots of help here on this - someone Will be along in 5 to help you. In the mean time i'll have a look round.

  Jester2K II 14:27 19 Aug 2003


  Legolas 14:29 19 Aug 2003
  athenrye 14:59 19 Aug 2003

thanks guys thats been a great help, the two websites are better than the one telewest put me onto, cheers legolas....
only one small thing, it seems all i will have to buy is about 10m of crossover cable! is this what its caled and do you get it this lenth and how much should it cost? approx?
i will also have to read up on the installation..
a great fast reponse as well guys cheers

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