Internet sharing -XP broadband

  septic 18:41 18 Jan 2003
  septic 18:41 18 Jan 2003

Have 2 Athlon xp1700 machines both running 'kosha' xp. One runs Pofessional and the other home.

I want to join them, to share a broadband internet connection 600kbs.

Got two NIC cards and a cable and can follow the instuctions given by xp share wizard.

Anyone done this? or have advice before I start!

  jazzypop 18:51 18 Jan 2003

It's dead simple - just run the network wizard on the PC connected to NTL, make the floppy at the end of the wizard, then run the floppy on the second PC.

Make sure you have uninstalled all firewalls before you start, reinstall them after. Ensure that your cable is a crossover one.

I doubt you'll need it, but just in case, here's a few sites to help with more details - click here , click here , click here

  septic 18:53 18 Jan 2003

You have assured Me!!!!

Thanx again

we'll call this one done!!

  jazzypop 19:51 18 Jan 2003

Received by email...

"You told me to use a 'crossover' cable. The cable I've got, I picked up in the IT dept at work. But will this one do?

click here "

As a general point, it is more helpful to you if you reply using the message box at the bottom of the screen, rather than by using the email envelope icon. That way, everyone can see the progress of the thread, and contribute as they see fit.

Unfortunately, your link gives a list of about a dozen cables. However, they all seem to be 'straight-through' rather than 'crossover'. To see which one you have, it is best to look at each plug, and check the order of the different cables. This site - click here will show the wiring schemes.

If you have been given a straight-through cable, you have two choices - ask if you can get a crossover one instead (recommended), or buy a cross-over adaptor. Last time I went looking for one, PCWorld had them in stock, but that was a long time ago, as I make my own cables now.

Just as a reminder, PC-to-PC connections are always with crossover cables, PC-to-Router / Hub / Switch / Wall-plate are generally straight-through (although some specific models require crossover, and others will 'auto-sense' the wiring, and therefore accept either method).

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