internet sharing on network is a problem

  Nessie 21:50 16 Mar 2004

I have a network on a crossover cable. The host can connect to the internet, which is broadband, no problem. On the laptop I can connect by pressing on the connection and it opens the connection but when ever I press the ie icon on the laptop whether the connection is open or not the dial up comes up with my normal dial up connection, no broadband, and if I cancel it says working off line. It used to work so I do not know what is going on. Help please

  Nessie 22:13 16 Mar 2004

The problem seems to be in the tcp/ip settings. In the host it has IP address sub net with no default gateway. my laptop has ip same sub net and default gateway of If I run the network wizard again the connection then works but the ip address is set to automatic. The broadband works but then my zonealarm firewall stops the network working as each pc can not see the other.

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