internet sharing

  alan2k1 20:42 10 Nov 2005


both computers are runing xp pro

comp 1 is conected to the internet (aol) via global spam asdl usb modem

from comp 2 i can access files on comp 1 i can print from a printer conected to comp1 from comp 1 i can access file on comp 2 so they can definatley see each other.

i ran connection sharing wizzard and sectled to global span as the internet access

having made a connection to aol comp1 is fine but comp2 cant access internet

any ideas


  Taff™ 21:01 10 Nov 2005

Turn off the firewall and see if it makes any difference. (Reboot both computers as well)

  alan2k1 21:15 10 Nov 2005

hi thanks

yes i did try that but it made no difference
everything is fine except the internet on comp 2

  Strawballs 21:25 10 Nov 2005

How have you got the two connected

  hzhzhz 21:29 10 Nov 2005

My pc has become very noisy. Every action on screen seems to produce a very annoying clicky electrical noise. Sorry but its hard to describe.When playing games there is a constant background noise. Ive tried headphones, connected to stereo etc but noise is still there. Would there be a fault withn the line out socket, or perhaps the onboard sound.

  alan2k1 21:29 10 Nov 2005

cross over cable

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:39 10 Nov 2005

1.Open Network Connections on the host computer. (Click Start, click Control Panel, click Switch to classic view, and then click Network Connections.

2.Click the connection to be shared, and under Network Tasks, click Change settings of this connection.

3.On the Advanced tab, select the Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection check box.

4.If you are not using a third party firewall and have not already set up the Internet Connection Firewall (ICF), be sure to check the box enabling this feature.

5.Finally, optionally enable the setting to let other users control or enable this connection.

After completing ICS configuration, the Network Connection window on the host computer will display the original wired Ethernet connection and display the status as Shared as well as Enabled. The Network Connection window on the client computer will display the connection on the host as an Internet Gateway.

  Strawballs 21:50 10 Nov 2005

As Fruit Bat /\0/\ has said you need to set the internet connection of the second PC to the gateway machine (First PC)and not the modem because the first pc gets it's connection from the modem then shares its connection with the second pc so the second gets its connection from the first pc.

  alan2k1 22:07 10 Nov 2005

hi thanks
it a friends comp i was helpin with today

i am sure the network connection on the host comp did say shared but equally sure on the client comp the network connection didnt show connection on host comp as an internet gateway so maybe that something to look at

  alan2k1 16:19 11 Nov 2005

ok checked Fruit Bat /\0/\ advice and all was in place as said

i swaped the client computer and this behaved just the same so maybe problem is at client end ?

i can share files from client to host and host to client
i can print from client on host
i CAN NOT access internet on client but it is fine on host via global span asdl usb modem

i quickly disabled both firewalls (windows via sp2) no joy so rules out firewall problem

network connections


usb global span , connected , shared , firewalled

rhine network card ,connected , firewalled


internet gateway connected on (hosts name)

rhine network card, connected , firewalled

initially i did have a problem with the host seeing the client but the client could see the host this was resolved by uninstallin macaffe personal firewall which was running as a 2nd firewall on the host comp

on network connections in host on the global span connection if i put a tick in the box "notify me if i have limitted or no connectivity" i do get the yellow triangle telling me i have limitted or no conectivity but remember it working fine !!! as internet on host is ok 2.2megs

also interestingly if i ping the ip address give to the global span modem from the clinet i get good 0% loss

to elliminate a internet explorer issue on the client i did do things like try and update avg and ping the but with no joy



slowly going insane

  alan2k1 19:53 11 Nov 2005


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