Internet setup on XP

  jack 12:18 15 May 2004

The on machine Dial and account detail keep corrupting why is this?

for example yesterday I was surfing and e-mailing away like billy -o

today whgen I ttmpt go get on
Although the dial up connects to the ISP I cannot open pages [ Page Unavailable etc.,]or
get the Mail account function [ account cannot be found check settings in opo3 and smtp etc]
The only weay then is to delete all. restart machine and set all upagian where up it go's as now?
A scan of Norton and runnnig 'Stinger' say no nasties are lurking
So whats amiss?

  johnnyrocker 12:28 15 May 2004

what operating system? what sort of connection do you have? dial up or broadband? what type of modem?


  Graham ® 12:56 15 May 2004

You'll laugh when you read the title :-)

  jack 19:31 15 May 2004

Johnny Rocker Op system - XP Pro
External Dial up modem
see its works now as I type

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