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  the-real-mole 08:23 03 Oct 2003

Having finally manged to upgrade my internet package to an anytime surf with Tiscali I now have a problem. I have installed the relevant software on two machines a Laptop running Windows XP and a PC running Windows 98 with Explorer 5.
I have no problems with laptop, but when I try and dial in via PC I get a mressage saying content advisor info missing go to tools etc. etc and add info. I have done everything I now possible but the only way I can connect to my homepage is
to go into internet options
click on content tab
click settings (password asked for at this point)
click apply
on internet options windows click disable (again password required)

In other words I have to switch on my settings and then switch them off again each time I try and access the net. It would appear taht something has been corrupted or I have lost a system file. How do I restore.

  MAJ 08:41 03 Oct 2003

Set up a Dialup Networking Connection (DUN) manually on the PC, the-real-mole, rather than using Tiscali's desktop dialler. Go to "My Computer > Dial up Networking and Create a new connection wizard. Follow the instructions, entering the relevant information, username, password and phone number. The phone number I used on Tiscali Anytime was 147008089933031. After you have that DUN set up connect using that instead of the Tiscali dialler (which can be a little flaky at times)

  MAJ 08:43 03 Oct 2003

it might also be better to upgrade to Internet Explorer 6.

  Stuartli 08:52 03 Oct 2003

The AnyTime number provided by MAJ still applies; you can download the settings for automatic configuration from:

click here

if this makes it any easier...:-)

  the-real-mole 16:08 03 Oct 2003

I have tried the route of Tiscali for automatic configuration but no look it seems to be an explorer or windows problem

  Stuartli 16:17 03 Oct 2003

It looks as though you are acting as a supervisor to prevent others using the Internet unless you agree, hence the need for a password.

If you call up Content Advisor in IE's Help section it explains in several sub-sections how the settings should be made.

  Stuartli 16:19 03 Oct 2003

You can install IE6 from various cover disks but will probably need to then download a pile of critical updates/patches etc - could be best just to download it straight from the Microsoft website.

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