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  TBH1 14:36 08 Jan 2003
  TBH1 14:36 08 Jan 2003

My father, who is in his 70's, and has no access to a PC, and no space to put one, intends buying an internet set-top box with keyboard. I know you can send/receive emails from these - has anyone used one of these ? What are the limitations when accessing the internet ? Grateful for any feedback here.

  northamuk 16:10 08 Jan 2003

They are OK, but with some limitations - he will be able to browse many sites.

Cost of access is one of the big drawbacks, he will have to pay for every minute online.

Try to get the full size I/R keyboard, the remote/keyboard is definitely not recommended for prolonged use.

  Legolas 16:31 08 Jan 2003

I have just bought a new printer from Computer World and I got a Bush Internet Box free with the printer I had always thought that they could not access all of the internet with these boxes but after setting it up on my TV in my bedroom I am surprised at the scope and speed of it there seems to be no restrictions on the sites you can visit although of course you cannot download files and there is no sound but for sending e-mails and surfing the internet it seems fine I have a connection on my computer in the lounge and now I have one on the TV in my room so I can lie in bed and surf and come onto this site in comfort:-] so I ,ve just became a bit of a fan of the set top box plus I found it very easy to set up. I am not sure about the connection charges I will find out next month when I get the bill the connection is with so I might be reporting back next month that I have tossed it out because of the cost but I will have to wait and see. So after all the waffle I would recommend them for e-mails and surfing and you can also install a printer on the box for printing out web sites.

  northamuk 16:38 08 Jan 2003

I agree that it is surprising how many sites you can access. But beware of the cost, if you use it for any length of time it will COST. I know several people who ran up bills of several hundred pounds! One actually paid more for the phone bill than a reasonable spec. computer would have cost (near enough £1000) granted they were using it for hour after hour. I think it works out at about £1.20 per hour.

  Legolas 16:51 08 Jan 2003

Thanks northamuk I will heed your warning and try and restrict my usage of the box to an hour or less at night when safely tucked up in bed.

  northamuk 16:55 08 Jan 2003

Good idea, but even 1 hour a day (or night) will add about £75 to a 3 month bill!

  TBH1 17:13 08 Jan 2003

thanks for this - though thought the cost would be just that of the phone call ie 1p at weekends. Also, can you not sign onto these ISP's such as freeserve and pay a £15 monthly fee for free access or is it not quite the same for non PC boxes ??

  northamuk 17:18 08 Jan 2003

No, not the same at all. You will be locked into the ISP that comes with the Box, although I have heard that you can reprogramme the set to use another ISP but I have no knowlege of this or if it can be done.

  TBH1 17:22 08 Jan 2003

northamuk - again, thanks mate - - - will make sure I read the small print when it arrives; my dad sometimes has trouble with his Sky remote control so shudder to think how he's gonna manage this - - - watch this space.

  Forget-me-not 17:35 08 Jan 2003

Have you considered a laptop as an alternative?

I doubt he'd need a top-end one and it would seem the logical solution to me.

Just a thought anyhoo.

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