Internet security & iPod Touch

  john bunyan 08:42 21 Jun 2009

Just bought my grand daughter an iPod touch. I believe it is wi-fi enabled. On my desktop I use Commodo firewall, AVG8.5, SAS and MAB and CCleaner. Is there a need for any of these on an iPod as there appears to be now windows system as such? How does she avoid nasties via e mail, surfing etc?

  jack 10:30 21 Jun 2009

Though my guess is that nasties stop at the host system and do not get to the Touch'
but one never knows.

  bremner 11:28 21 Jun 2009

The wireless router will have a firewall. Make sure you only connect to secured networks, preferably WPA2 PSK.

The iTouch runs a version of Mac OS X. Only iTouch/iPhone apps can be installed to the iTouch and in any event the applications you list are Windows not Mac programs.

I have many collegues and friends who have been using iTouch's and iPhones since their launch and none have had security issues..

  john bunyan 11:48 21 Jun 2009

Thanks- I will watch it. I have temporarily disabled the router firewall and rely on Comodo, as my Vonage broadband phone seemed not to like the router firewall. Will see if it is ok when re -enabled.

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