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  baldyx 17:57 08 Nov 2006

I am going to install SKY Broadband soon replacing dial-up internet. I have some queries on the security under broadband.

At the moment before I use the dial-up, the Norton Internet Security(ver 2006) is already running after PC bootup so the security is there when I connect using dial-up.

How about the broadband connection ? can I keep the Netgear box connected & running when the PC boots up OR should I keep it switched off until the security software starts?

I keep my modem connected 24/7 the software on the computer protects it when it is running, not needed when its off

  Pineman100 18:14 08 Nov 2006

I always ensure that all my security software is running before I connect to the internet.

If you use a trusted site as your home page, you're unlikely to suffer any kind of intrusion just by connecting to this, but it's better to be safe!

  Jackcoms 20:18 08 Nov 2006

And just to confuse you even more - I always disconnect my BB connection whenever I'm away from the PC for an extended period and it's still switched on.

That way, I'm totally assured of not getting any 'nasties' on board.

  baldyx 12:35 09 Nov 2006

I alwayes switch off my pc after eachtime I finished using it.

My concern is should I keep the Netgear equipment switched-on at pc boot-up time or should I switch it on only after the boot-up has been successful so that the security program has already started.

Is it possible for the internet security breach to occur as soon as I switch on the pc ?

  anskyber 12:56 09 Nov 2006

Its the timing of the connection to the internet which is the telling point. My experience has been that the PC connection (as opposed to the modem/router finding the internet) occures after my AV has kicked in. I have an auto connect to the internet so I do need to be watchful. If you leave it as a manual connection ( the PC that is rather than the modem router) I think you should be ok.

In another thread some time ago someone asked about the "always on" of broadband. Well it is not always on in the true meaning of the words. The FE coined the phrase of "always available" meaning it was always there for you to log into it as opposed to dialing up each time.

He went on to explain that he recommended that the modem/router IS switched off each time. From memory the reason he gave was that many ISPs use a system of dynamic addressing to their server and this changes each time you connect. If you do not switch off it keeps the first address which could increase the chances of attack.

  Carafaraday 14:54 09 Nov 2006

I switch off every night and on again first thing in the morning. I have Zone Alarm and I put it to Engage Internet Lock when I am away from the pc for a while..........probably not necessary but it makes me feel better!

  Chrisann 16:31 09 Nov 2006

This is precisely what I am doing..It seems a good idea and hopefully makes things more secure too.


  Chrisann 16:33 09 Nov 2006

When leaving the comp when on the Net...I always close all open pages etc. and then Engage the Lock..I never go away and leave any Internet pages open. Think this is a good way to stay secure. Ofcourse any other tips always useful as I have just gone to still learning..


  baldyx 19:54 09 Nov 2006

Thanks all.
Is 'Engage Internet Lock' function available in Norton Internet Security package & Macfee software?

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