Internet security am I doing enough?

  bda72 08:41 19 May 2004

I am currently running AVG, Zone Alarm, Spybot and Spywareblaster. I check updates atleast weekly and would just like to know if anyone could recommend anything else. I currently feel like my email address is under attack and would like to beef up email securitly if possible or any other types of scanners that are needed.

Many thanks.

  christmascracker 09:11 19 May 2004

With all the viruses going around you should be checking for updates every day

  curlylad 09:36 19 May 2004

You could download Ad-Aware -click here and to stop any nasties getting to your inbox you can look at the possible content and delete before they get there with mailwasher - click here

  Stuartli 10:22 19 May 2004

Are you sure that your various utilities are properly configured?

Microsoft's comprehensive Security analysis at:

click here

will help and you should also consider configuring Message Rules in Outlook Express (Tools>Message Rules).

  Stuartli 10:37 19 May 2004

Just in case...:-)

click here

click here

  mbp 10:50 19 May 2004

Definitely download Ad-Aware. Always update daily but if you are like me, I configure everything concerning security to Automatic Download, or you could configure for it to warn you first.

If you are using Internet Explorer, It may improve some aspects of security or screening by using BT-Yahoo BB, or Mozilla, or Opera, or Netscape, of Firefox, etc. These are smaller targets. Personally, I like Mozilla.

Make the computer a pleasure to own and use!

  bda72 00:21 20 May 2004

Since I got back from holiday(South Africa is a great place:))and came back to all these emails I have been downloading updates daily, have just managed to remove a blaster worm variant(god knows how it got in) I will add adaware to my list of things to do. I have already downloaded mailwasher but first atempt to configure it failed so I must find time to do that. Stuartli I couldn't access your 2nd link for some reason but thanks to all for the advice and I hope to be able to return the favour.

Many thanks.


  mbp 08:59 20 May 2004

Mailwasher is a must have with me. I have made a small contrbution and so have it registered in my name. In the long run you will save a lot of time screening with the aid of Mailwasher.

  Stuartli 09:05 20 May 2004

The second link works fine for me - try right clicking on it and then Open In New Window.

The first link advises on Ad-aware configuation

By the way South Africa IS a superb place for a holiday, whether it's the Kruger National Park, being on the top of Table Mountain, driving down the Garden Route or even riding an ostrich.

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