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  Patc 11:19 22 Aug 2012

At present I have Kaspersky internet security on my machine and it has been suggested that I change to Norton Internet security. To achieve this I know that I have to remove Kaspersky by using the removal tool. I also need to download Norton. Would it be easier to purchase a copy of norton so that it is to hand - lessening the timescale.

Thank you

  Nontek 13:00 22 Aug 2012

IMHO you do not need Norton, especially by purchasing.

As far as I am aware, Kaspersky if a good enough program but it would not hurt to download/install MalwareBytes free version.

MalwareBytes click here

  Patc 13:06 23 Aug 2012


Thank you for your reply. I have never heard of malwarebytes is this a substitute for Kaspersky or an added security measure?

  Nontek 13:13 23 Aug 2012

It is in addition to Kaspersky.

I have never used Kaspersky, but I do know it is an Anti-virus program, which is fine.

MalwareBytes is a anti-Malware program, which many people, including myself, use alongside their own choice of anti-virus - I use Microsoft Security Essentials to combat virus'.

But never use two anti-virus programs on same PC.

  xania 11:01 24 Aug 2012

My only concern about MSE is the fact that it does not scan e-mails, but I believe AVG provide a separate scanner for this. Others will have a different view - I've been with Norton Internet Security for as long as I can remember and for £23 pa get cover for 3 PC's. But, as I say, others will have a different view.

  wee eddie 16:09 24 Aug 2012

xania: I was under the impression that MSE Scanned all incoming stuff, including e-mails.

Maybe someone will confirm/deny this impression.


  Nontek 17:34 24 Aug 2012
  recap 17:08 25 Aug 2012

I'm in a little bit of disagreement with nontech on their suggestion as to not use two antivirus progams. I have used two for years without any conflict. One is enabled while the other is disabled. The reason is if i suspect I have a virus that program one has not detected I use program two when in safemode.

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