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  Doberman 13:40 08 Sep 2009

I presently have Mcafee Security Centre loaded on my computer and fairly frequently I get a message on screen to say that I am not fully protected and am prompted to go into the program and click the fix button.This quite often happens ( not always) after the computer has been switched off and on again.Naturally I am a little worried that I am unprotected at times.Anyone have a similar experience? Can anyone recommend a suitable alternative ( I don't necessarily mean cheaper). Many thanks

  ened 13:51 08 Sep 2009

Was it pre installed?

Please understand this is only my personal opinion.

I do not pay for security because I believe you can protect yourself quite adequately with the free stuff combined with what comes with windows.

I have Vista Ultimate and use the Firewall and Defender.

For anti-virus I use Avast.

That is all I have needed.

I built this machine nearly two years ago and have never had any problems.

  gigagiggles 17:56 08 Sep 2009


"This quite often happens ( not always) after the computer has been switched off and on again."

this sentence can be read as immediate re-boot or bootup the next day. if it is the former, then the configured security settings are not being kept. that is a problem. if it is the latter, then there is the possibility that the suite is pestering you to update the signatures it uses to scan for on your system.

HOWEVER, if automatic updates are enabled for this suite, AND you're connected online after the operating system is up and running, then you need to dig deeper and find out what fix needs to be and is being done, possibly repeatedly.

ened asked if it was pre-installed. in other words, have you made any mcafee configuration adjustments if it was pre-installed?

i use norton's 2009 suite meticulously configured. i'm not usually online. knock on wood, my pc has been hassle- and malware-free.

one exception - a scan by microsoft's malicious software removal tool from august caused problems with the suite. for some reasons, the suite won't work to defend and protect if its signatures are out-of-date. a system restore to a few days before resulted in a massive galactic-size update download from norton to replace what seems to have been removed by msrt without a single confirmation prompt or acknowledgement. a few days later, norton updated its program and engines via another sizable update download. may have been coincidental. i now tremble at the idea of running the september version of msrt.

  Doberman 16:29 10 Sep 2009

Thanks END and Gigagiggles.Mcafee was not preinstalled.When I mentioned switched off I can't remember if it was boot up next day or immediate reboot so I will have to wait till it happens again and will contact you then.In the meantime thanks for your input.Should I consider switching to another company IE Kaspersky or Norton etc.?

  Doberman 09:35 01 Oct 2009

Thanks to all responders,problem sorted.

  gigagiggles 00:15 02 Oct 2009

hello, doberman.

please educate us as to the (found?) cause and solution other than a reinstall.

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