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  Mr "B" 08:30 03 Feb 2007

Hi, can i please have some advice! My pc keeps bringing up a warning telling me my norton internet security has expired and advises me to renew. Surely every year i don't have to give 30 quid to get the latest version of this.
Is there any free downloads or ways to get around this and is my computer safe from viruses etc because all i keep doing is clicking the renew later box to get rid of this message.


  rawprawn 08:37 03 Feb 2007
  rawprawn 08:41 03 Feb 2007

Better link for Zone Alarm click here

  wee eddie 08:51 03 Feb 2007

Once Norton downloads it's last Update, you will no longer be protected against the latest threats.

I suggest that you go the AVG route, but there are a number of very good, completely free, Anti Virus and Firewalls on offer. Just read the threads here and chose.

You will need to "Uninstall" Norton, which requires a special tool from the Norton Web site. The reason for this is simple - Some viruses try to disable your anti virus - If you could do so from the Control Panel, so could they.

  Mr "B" 09:20 03 Feb 2007

Thanks for all this, could i install someone elses norton internet security if they have the 2007 version also if they have already installed it on there own pc?

  birdface 09:24 03 Feb 2007

To get rid of norton completely you have to use this tool,click here At least I hope it is the right one,Once you have removed it,Start ,Search,Just type in Norton or Symentec The norton removal tool details should appear,Just delete them as well,Then you should be norton free.And if you have C Cleaner on your computer, run that just to make sure it is all gone,

  rawprawn 09:29 03 Feb 2007


  birdface 09:34 03 Feb 2007

I Dont know if it is legal for you to use someone else's Norton product,I suppose if he bought it to run on more than one computer it might be Ok,But if not I am sure that someone on here will let you know,I know years ago I used mine on my Grandaughters computer and it worked ok,But legal,I dont know,

  rawprawn 09:42 03 Feb 2007
  birdface 09:44 03 Feb 2007

Well you have your answer,No,It is not legal.Thanks Reprawn.

  rawprawn 09:59 03 Feb 2007

Sorry, my interpretation is that it is most definitely illegal.

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