internet security 2003 or 2004?

  Sheila-Jo 01:04 28 Jan 2004


i've recently bought a new computer and am looking for a firewall to protect it. on my other computer i have norton internet security 2003 which i am very happy with so the natural progression would seem to be buy internet security 2004 for this one. having heard much negative criticism about this though I decided against it. would my best bet be to buy internet security 2003 and with the free 12 month updates install it up to 2004 but without the glitches? all help is much appreciated.


  hugh-265156 01:18 28 Jan 2004

the last version of norton i used was internet security 2002 so cannot comment on later versions.the former gave me all sorts or headaches.have alook around the forum for norton problems and then check for avg problems.

i would save your money and go with free avg click here

  hugh-265156 01:20 28 Jan 2004

ps.if you really wish to get norton then get 04.

  Tog 07:32 28 Jan 2004

I use NIS 2004 with 98SE and no problems except for a slightly longer boot than with 2003.

The updates won't upgrade NIS 2003 to 2004. They just correct probs with the programme or alter it to cope with new threats.

I think it's XP users who are reporting more problems with NIS 2004. What OS are you using?

  satty 15:18 28 Jan 2004

just upgraded to nis 2004,finding it difficult to configure and it is starting to annoy me.

  Terry Brown 20:38 28 Jan 2004

If it just a firewall you need, then try Zonealarm, it's free and works quite well. You will need to go into the control panel initally to set your defaults, but otherwise no problems

If you reformat your hard drive often then stay with 2003 until they sort out product activation. I have all norton products installed and downloaded NIS 2004. Wish I had never bothered. I keep getting "max Count Reached" messages when I try to activate it which results in a three to four day delay while my activation is reset. Obviously Symantec (Or Digital River who are resonsible for selling the downloadable version) dont think I am vulnerable during this time without protection!

Next time round I may well move to another product altogether.

  Gaz 25 23:35 28 Jan 2004

Dont bother.

Nortons products need to be more stable. The updates are almost wreck your PC, as one nearly left my PC unbootable.

NIS 2004 has some excellent features.

But. Myself I would go for Panda Internet Security 2004 platinum and use Agnitum firewall.

  VoG II 23:55 28 Jan 2004

Got NIS 2004 on my daughter's new laptop a couple of weeks ago (against my better judgement but PCW had "an offer").

When first started and connected to the internet it went berserk - basically (as far as I could see) trying to download updates, and scan the updates plus the 3 HDD partitions. Puter unusable until it had finished.

It has been fine since then however.

  hugh-265156 00:17 29 Jan 2004

have a look click here this one gets the best rating but is a paid for version.

click here and read reviews

  Sheila-Jo 22:17 07 Feb 2004

thanks everyone for their advice and sorry for the late reply. i think i'll install a freeware firewall for the time being then perhaps install is2003 at a later date if necessary. which leads me to my next question: which would be the best freeware package for me to install? outpost, zone alarm, sygate or another? also if i were to choose is2003 later on, would i be able to use the installation disc from my other computer and pay for a new registration or would i have to buy a whole new package all over again? the former would be easier for me as i have the disc already and am finding 2003 quite hard to come by but i'm not sure if this option is available to me. thanks again, sheila.

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