internet scrolling nightmare

  coinneach 16:13 22 Jan 2011

Surfing the internet on my XP PC has become a very dubious pleasure indeed. Whether using IE, Firefox or Chrome, I am treated to an almost uncontrollable roller-coaster ride!
I've checked the appropriate scrolling settings without result and normal Windows files are unaffected. I use a BT wireless hub for both the PC and my Vista laptop. The latter behaves impeccably. I've also done all the scans I can think of, including CheckDisk and SFC. I've even used System Restore with no success in solving the problem.
Can anyone rescue me from my seasickness, please?


  Ian in Northampton 17:15 22 Jan 2011

Whenever I've had a similar experience, it's been because there was something wrong with my graphics drivers - not loaded, got corrupt, gone AWOL or whatever. I would definitely suspect a graphics driver issue.

  northumbria61 19:36 22 Jan 2011

Can you try another mouse? If so this would eliminate any problem with it.

  northumbria61 19:39 22 Jan 2011

What type of a mouse are you using, is it a PS/2, USB or a wireless mouse? If you have software that came with the mouse for managing mouse options, you will not be able to make changes to the mouse settings from the Mouse options from the control panel.

Check out these options from the Mouse options:

Start ? Control Panel ? Mouse ? Buttons tab. For "Scroller", set to the following: Check the box labeled "Use MS Office compatible scroll only." Also, check the box below labeled "Scroll in active window only."

Also try with a different mouse.

If nothing works, try to uninstall and install the drivers for your mouse:

Go to the Device Manager and select your mouse. Uninstall it and then restart your computer. During restart, your mouse driver will automatically be reinstalled.

1. Click on Start and type ‘Device Manager’.

2. Click Device Manager.

3. Click + sign next to Mouse.

4. Right-click on mouse entry and choose "uninstall".

5. Restart your computer.

  rdave13 20:10 22 Jan 2011

I'll agree with graphics driver.

  rdave13 20:16 22 Jan 2011

To add, have a look in device manager to see if any yellow triangles with exclamation marks.
Did this start to happen after a Microsoft update?
If so, then in device manager, look for something like 'display adapters' then expand (+), then double click the adapter. Under the driver tab see if you can 'roll back the driver'.

  coinneach 20:24 22 Jan 2011

Thank you Ian. Your suggestion about graphics drivers makes a lot of sense. Under Sound Video and Game Controllers in Device Manager, I've tried to update the drivers for each one in the list but since I don't have an installation disk, I can only be content with the Hardware Update Wizard's declaration that it 'could not find a better match for your hardware.' I don't know where I should go now.

Thanks also Northumbria 61 for your contribution. My mouse is PS/2 and I tried an alternative one of a similar type without any luck. I've now tried your other suggestions but I'm still in trouble, I'm afraid (and getting seasick!).


  coinneach 20:45 22 Jan 2011

Thank you rdave13. I tried that with Video Controller (VGA Compatible) only to be rewarded with 'no driver has been backed up for this device.'
In all other cases I got the same response as before from the Wizard.
Your suggestion about Windows Updates is an interesting one because following a recent reinstallation of Windows I was beset with updating literally dozens of Updates. It's quite possible that one of those was a corrupted one. If I use System Restore the problem will be deciding how far I go back!

  rdave13 21:00 22 Jan 2011

It's a driver issue seeing it's XP and a recent re-installation.
Use DriverMax just to get your video card driver; click here
Please read the information carefully. You'll receive suggestions to update drivers. Stick to the VGA drivers offered and usually the first one suggested should work. Limited to two per day? Doesn't matter in this case.
Once you're up and running then uninstall DriverMax and make sure their download agent is uninstalled or disabled in misconfig.
Remember it's a two way deal here, they supply drivers to you and you supply the drivers you have to them.
It works and you can remove the manager. Worth thinking about.

  coinneach 17:01 23 Jan 2011

I've reached the DriverMax page listing my driver installations and 2 or 3 could be updated. However, there seems to be no reference to anything resembling 'Video controller (VGA compatible).' Its Properties box in Device Manager says that 'The drivers for this device are not installed (Code 28).
One thing that I've discovered is that Windows Update has tried unsuccessfully 3 times today to download an update for this device!
Where do you suggest I should go from here?


  GaT7 17:19 23 Jan 2011

If you type dxdiag in a Start > Run box & press OK, what does it show on the DirectX Diagnostics Display tab > under DirectX Features?

Are all the items Enabled & can you test DirectDraw & Direct3D by pressing their respective buttons? A screenshot click here. G

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