Internet 'runs out of steam'!

  sumell 19:08 04 Mar 2009

please can anyone help? my elderly father wanted internet access but is on BT light user so I thought mobile broadband would be the answer. We bought a 3 dongle with 12G of data pre-loaded to be used within a year.
I plugged the dongle into his PC 128 gb memory and windows XP and it loaded and connected fine. However, when we try to connect through Mozilla it sometimes loads the first page but then will not load any more and says 'page cannot be displayed and the green bar doesn't do anything. I though it might be a virus so scanned system and it was so I reinstalled XP completely and installed a antivirus on the cleam system.I've checked my data drive and the modem to ensure no vius and these are clean.
I've taken my laptop to his house and the dongle connects fine through IE and Mozilla with this in the same place as where his pc is and loads pages fine.
I thought it might be a problem with the settings so spent 40 mins on the phone to 3 re-doing all the settings and they have confirmed the signal is strong and the modem is connected.
The first page connects well then the next one quite well but by the third page is as if it runs out of steam and only gets to the second green bar if I'm lucky then times out.
Please can any one advise - the dongle and pre-loaded data cost £98 and he can't use it!!
Sue :)

  MAJ 21:25 04 Mar 2009

"I plugged the dongle into his PC 128 gb memory and windows XP"

I assume you mean 128 MB of RAM rather than 128GB of RAM. If so, then that's far too little memory for XP to run properly, I'm surprised you can get one window open, never mind three windows. Increase the amount of memory installed to at least 512MB, 1GB would be better.

  sumell 21:50 04 Mar 2009

Hi Maj. Thanks for your reply. I did mean Mb! The modem spec does say that minimum requirement is 128Mb - I checked this before purchase.
I guess we're either going to have to get more memory or waste the £98 we spent already!
Thanks again

  MAJ 22:13 04 Mar 2009

"The modem spec does say that minimum requirement is 128Mb - I checked this before purchase."

That's the mimimum amount of memory recommended to run the modem and it's software, sumell, but 128 MB is all you have in total, without taking XP's requirements into account. Post the make and model of your dad's PC to see how much memory it can take.

  CalmCookie 22:42 04 Mar 2009

Like MAJ the laptop details.
It might only cost £15 or thereabouts for a 1gb memory stick for the laptop and it will run so very much better.


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