internet, router and switch?

  destan 21:16 19 Jan 2012

Probably a simple solution but here goes. I have a standard 4 port + Wifi router, however with my tv, blu-ray, Home Cinema, Wii, Sky+ and hardwired home pc. How can I connect all to the router, is it as simple as purchasing a switch and connecting it. If so how do I go about it and can I use any port, Like, for example a netgear 8 way?

Any positive assistance will be greatly received.

  Zak 21:24 19 Jan 2012

Please have alook at this to start you off: Homeplugs

  Woolwell 22:36 19 Jan 2012

The WII should connect wirelessly and the Wii instructions should tell you how. Fairly sure that you cannot connect Sky+ and your home cinema to the router nor your blu-ray player.

It may help if you tell us why you want to connect them all together.

  sharpamat 08:44 20 Jan 2012

As far as I am aware and already covered, you cannot connect Sky + thro your router. Modern TVs have HMDI connection for Sky. Smart TVs , wii and BLU Ray can be connected to your router to provide internet and video streaming. and the 4 ethernet ports should be ample for this. I prefer to use cable connections ie ethernet leads, which are available up to 50mtrs. T dont like the signal loss useing homplugs which I find I dont get useing direct leads. WiFi again does give signal loss. Mine it turned off at the router hence no leaching and higher security

  Secret-Squirrel 09:24 20 Jan 2012

Morning all.

I think you'll find the OP's talking about "Sky Anytime+". If so then it's a video-on-demand service which requires an ethernet connection between the Sky+ box and a router.

"is it as simple as purchasing a switch and connecting it. If so how do I go about it and can I use any port,.."

Yes, it should be that simple. Something like THIS 10/100 switch would be suitable. You simply connect it to any one of the four LAN ports on your existing router.

  destan 15:12 20 Jan 2012

As mentioned earlier, All 4 in use, Sky =, TV, Blu -ray cinema system + Hardwired PC, Wii and 2 laptops wireless, PSP and Kindle wireless. THanks Secret-Squirrel, I will just put and 8 way from 1 port.

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