internet redirection problem

  pooly 11:21 02 Nov 2005

When I select the first couple of letters from a previously used address I am given some options in a dropdown ,(eg ya and given the option of click here)I select this but am taken to the lycos site . This did not happen previously and only began after I successfully removed a startpage trojan (I thought ). I use AVG virus check and this comes up clear but I am reluctant to accept everything is OK as the problem only began after clearing the trojan . I also use Ad-aware6.0 and Spybot . Thanks in advance .

  pauldonovan 13:33 02 Nov 2005

..(not the only program that will help but one that might)... Microsoft Anti Spyware Beta.

When installed, do a scan (AVG won't necessarily find all the nasties on your system if they aren't strictly viruses I don't think).

Then, go to Tools. Advanced Tools, System Explorers. Look at the items under Internet Explorer i.e. IE BHOs (browser helper objects) and also IE Settings (all your default options) and see if they make sense or reset them.

  pooly 13:38 03 Nov 2005

I tried this but it did not help ,thanks anyway.

  pauldonovan 14:14 03 Nov 2005

..did you reset the defaults using that tool?

  pooly 15:23 03 Nov 2005

I ran microsoft anti spyware which removed a couple things then I opened tools at the top of this page . Here I saw no advanced tools so I opened internet options ,here I opened advanced and then reset the default . This was of no use as I said . Was I in the right place to do the reset . Thanks again .

  Splork 15:38 03 Nov 2005

Wipe your internet history and temporary files.

  pauldonovan 09:34 04 Nov 2005 get lycos. I would start with figuring out how that is happening...try this:

from a command prompt do:

nslookup click here

(and press enter)

Post the results here.

  pauldonovan 09:35 04 Nov 2005

don't type nslookup click here!

Type nslookup and the web site of yahoo ! It won't let me type it but I mean wwwdotyahoodotcom with dots replaced with . !!!!

  pooly 11:47 04 Nov 2005

To Splork , already tried wiping them , no good ,thanks .
To Paul , I`m not sure what you mean with nslookup but when I type the correct address I get straight to that site . It`s only when I type an incorrect address or as I said before if I put in the first letter and get the drop down ,then select the desired previously used site . Next I get the correct address in the address bar e.g. click here but have the lycos page on screen , at this point if hit the go button on the end of the address bar I get my desired site . As I said earlier this only began after I cleared a trojan called startpage . My virus checker now shows the system is clear but I am concerned because this problem arose straight after I cleaned the system .Thanks.

  pauldonovan 13:36 04 Nov 2005

..I reckon its coming from your history.

Have you tried clearing your IE history? Default behaviour for typing in addresses isn't to get a drop down unless they are in your history. Maybe your history is corrupt.

  pooly 13:53 04 Nov 2005

Yes I`ve tried that before but I`ve just done it again ,cleared history and temp internet files still no good . Even without history I go to lycos site .Thanks.

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