Internet radio range

  speedbird_zero1 19:21 16 Jun 2008

I've just bought an internet radio which is great within the house. I want to use it in the garden, it finds the network pplays for a few moments then looses the signal, i guess it is on the edge of range from my router. Is there any way to "tweak" the router to give a slightly bigger or stronger signal. i have looked at various bits of kit but they seem to make them uni-directional which will not be a lot of use in my situation.
Any ideas of kit i can get to sort this please.

  ambra4 19:55 16 Jun 2008

If the antenna can be removed from the router just replaced with a high gain antenna

click here

  speedbird_zero1 13:02 17 Jun 2008

Thanks for that unfortunatley my router is a Netgear w614 and the antenna is not removable...or so it appears. any more ideas please.

  bjh 13:12 17 Jun 2008

With an internet radio (a cheapie Tevion, still love it), I have found that firstly the orientation of the radio to the signal is all-important (I think my right side speaker blocks the signal very easily) and secondly, I was getting a really poor signal quite far from my router, until I placed it on the case of the PC I was using, and BINGO, strong signal. I suspect that (in my cheapie) the wireless dongle is of pretty dubious quality.

Even if the router isn't capable of having the antenna changed, just changing the angle (vertical, horizontal, etc.) can improve a directional signal.

  luthier 13:15 17 Jun 2008

I'm not familiar with your router but I managed to improve my range (in one direction) by making a parabolic aerial to slip over the existing one on my Linksys WAG54. I made it out of cardboard and kitchen foil, based on the plan at the bottom of the page on this link click here At least if it doesn't work it hasn't cost anything apart from half an hour of your time!

  speedbird_zero1 14:25 17 Jun 2008

Thanks guys for that, as my radio is also a cheapie maybe position of the set and even a better position for the router itself will help. time to experiment i think.
PS has anyone any experience of the things that plug into the wall electricity socket and use the cables as an eternet cable to get the wifi signal to inaccessable points?
Views please.

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