Internet Radio

  laurie53 09:14 03 Mar 2008

What are the advantages, if any, of an internet radio over an ultra portable laptop?

  laurie53 09:18 03 Mar 2008

Sorry, this was meant for Digital World.

  MAJ 09:18 03 Mar 2008

What's "an internet radio"?

  laurie53 09:57 03 Mar 2008

It's a radio that uses a home wireless network to tune to worldwide internet radio stations.

  tullie 09:58 03 Mar 2008

I suppose its a radio that you can stream over the internet.

  bjh 10:38 03 Mar 2008

Advantages are that you have a simple system to access the radio stations, possibly better speakers, and a radio-shaped and priced box rather than a laptop. So long as your router is on, you can just press a button.

I have a "cheapie" Tevion from Aldi. Works well, with over 10,000 radio stations available. I do listen to far-flung stations quite a bit, and also find it useful to remind me of foreign languages that I sorta know (or at least do know when it's time to write a CV)!

But, I have to admit, I'm not sure that I NEED one - it's really a gadget that I bought for fun.

I do really enjoy it, and would recommend anyone who wants to know what is available visit
click here
for a list of stations.

The sound quality of my Aldi/Tevion unit is pretty good considering it was about £40. Not all streams are high quality, and I am not sure it is worth paying a vast sum for a better radio. There are silly quirks with the system on this one, and a pricey one may well be better from that point of view. A silly example is that the on/off switch is right next to (and identical to) the volume up switch, so when I hear something I like I turn the volume up and it all goes quie....

Takes a while to reboot, as well :-)

  bjh 10:39 03 Mar 2008

Currently 10679 stations (and 21242 on-demand streams) so there is a bit of choice available. Number goes up by about 700 - 1000 a month at the moment!!!

  Arnie 14:53 03 Mar 2008

Very nice. Thank you.

I like Otto's classics (128 bit quality) and Fuego's Latin music.

  laurie53 19:21 03 Mar 2008

Thanks. I have those stations already of course, and my laptop doesn't take too long to re-boot!

Since my radio download software is in my start-up folder I also have to press just one button.

If I output it through my hi fi it seems it just comes down to a radio shape for £40 at the cheapest!

I'll leave it open for a while.

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