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  Thurrafork 00:20 13 Feb 2012

Hello folks

I've been having slowly increasing problems with my internet connection over the last few months - nothing disasterous, just a bit annoying. Sometimes I'll surf the net and there'll be no problems, but every now and then a page wont load and I'll get the 'Internet Explorer cannot connect...' page. I'll click refresh and the page will load no problem. Sometimes. There's no pattern I can notice as far as particular websites are concerned - it's all rather random. But it's an issue that's steadily increasing. I'm also noticing a more general slowness even if the pages do load.

I've done various Speedtests and they all come back with good results, and Pingtests too seem to confirm that my connection is good and stable etc.

I'm with o2 and if I use the o2 Assistant thingy to diagnose connection problems, every stage (Computer, Modem/Router, Broadband Network) passes with a tick, until I get to the Internet stage which fails with an announcement of 'Sorry. We couldn't fix your connection... etc' - as if the internet cant be accessed at all. I can access the internet, just with the page loading problems mentioned above - but this result in the o2 Assistant must be related.

I've tried the built in Windows diagnostics and they can't find anything wrong. I tried dns flush and that didnt help. I tried resetting IE9 that didnt help, then I installed Firefox and that seems sporadically slow as well - so maybe it's not the browser. I also tried running TCPOptimiser - trying both WIndows Defaults and Optimised - no dice. I've also tried IE in 'No Add on' mode - problem still there.

I would get onto o2 support, but last time I did (a few years ago - different problem) they couldnt offer much beyond the standard 'Turn it off and on again. Check your cables/connections. Check your filters. Clear your cookies. Delete temporary internet files' etc. By the way, I've tried all that! And scanned for viruses/malware etc. And try to keep the system generally tidy with regular use of CCleaner.

Any idea what could be going on??

I'm on Windows 7 64, i7 920, AMD HD5850, Gigabyte UD5 mobo, 24gb Ram, Internet Explorer 9, o2 broadband (Wireless box II)


  KRONOS the First 03:18 13 Feb 2012

I agree about the pointlessness of contacting O2 support,I changed from them because of the appalling customer service I experienced on the one time I contacted them. As to your problem I have found a bit of reading here that my offer pointers.Connection problems 1. and Connection problems 2. and Connection problems 3.

  KRONOS the First 03:19 13 Feb 2012

My = may.

Oh for an edit button.

  onthelimit1 08:46 13 Feb 2012

Chronus - we were promised it before the site 'upgrade'!

  birdface 08:50 13 Feb 2012

Try command prompt and type in ipconfig /flushdns and press enter on the should tell you that the DNS Cache has been flushed.If so reboot the computer and see if it makes any difference.

  rdave13 10:30 13 Feb 2012

Just had similar problems and it turned out to be an intermittent problem on the line. On some days there was 'crackling' on the phone line and clear the next. The 'quiet line' test showed it was clear but when I dialled 1471, you could hear the interference when the auto voice spoke. I'm not saying you have the same problem but just listen closely next time someone calls.

  Thurrafork 11:10 13 Feb 2012

Thanks for that Chronus. Quite a bit to read there, I'll work my way through it today. Buteman, I already tried flushing the dns cache - you cheeky skim-reader you. But there's a few other ipconfig commands I might try - like something to do with Winsock which I see has helped some people with connection problems. rdave13, yeah I guess that is worth checking. I'll take a look tonight, thanks.

  KRONOS the First 11:20 13 Feb 2012


*Chronus - we were promised it before the site 'upgrade'! *

Much was promised,very little delivered.

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