internet problems

  User-607600DE-6B22-4475-8CD565A723204C45 07:38 01 Jul 2009

just recently i have strated getting "oops we cant open this page" messages on various sites on the internet.
i use IE8 ,avant browser and firefox the same type of problem on each although using thier own fault wording.
it ask to do a diagnostic check which comes up fine.
the sites are up and running eg amazon,lbc,comet bog standard sites.
it does seem a bit random as lots of sites are fine and this is completely out of the blue.
i have deleted temp internet files and old cookies etc but still get the problem.
i even reset advanced settings incase something had altered.

my isp is virgin media if it is relevant
incidently i tested my connection and it appears to be fine with a ping of 28.
i suspect it is a problem with my isp but i want to eliminate all possibilities before i get some call center telling me to do various things to my pc.

any suggestions?

  mooly 08:14 01 Jul 2009

This is always worth a try,

From a command prompt (run as admin) type,
ipconfig /flushdns and press enter
This will flush the DNS cache Then type,
net stop dnscache and press enter
followed by,
net start dnscache and press enter.

Can help with odd issues like this. Note the spaces in the commands.

  ened 08:39 01 Jul 2009

A lot of the time this is the fault of the isp and will rectify itself automatically.


I would like to try your method myself. Are there any drawbacks?

  birdface 08:41 01 Jul 2009

Looks more like a Firewall or security problem.i get a few pages like that only because A squared or one of the others has stopped it as an unsafe page.
So what Firewall Anti-Virus and Anti-spyware programs have you got running.

Flushing the DNS Cache with V/media is always a good first step.Maybe try with your firewall switched off.

  birdface 08:55 01 Jul 2009

I usually only use ipconfig /flushdns and it will usually tell you DNS has been flushed.If so just reboot and see if it makes any difference,
There are no adverse effects doing this as i am with V/Media and usually have to do it once or twice a month.
There is a different way if you use Vista.That may be the way mooly has described.

  birdface 09:02 01 Jul 2009

Yes just checked.It was for Vista but may also work that way with XP.

Flushing the dns cache

In Vista right click the command prompt option and select run as admin, then type,
ipconfig /flushdns and press enter
net stop dnscache and press enter
net start dns cache and press enter

Now I use XP and only type ipconfig /flushdns and then reboot if DNS cache has been flushed.
So two different ways and not sure if the first one will work on Vista and XP.

thanks for all the responses i havent tried any as yet.
i tried my other pc on the same connection and this has the same problem.

so i now am pretty sure it is the isp.

so i think technically this is resolved although trying to describe this to virgin medias helpline may also prompt another problem posting LOL!

  mooly 11:03 01 Jul 2009

"I would like to try your method myself. Are there any drawbacks?"

None at all as far as I am aware. It is a "tool" built into the operating system.

i actually used this click here

to deal with the problem and it seems to have worked although i am noyt sure if it is the flush mooly was indicating?

thanks again

  oldbeefer2 11:35 01 Jul 2009

This click here can be useful if you're wondering if it's just you.

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