Internet problems

  NarcosisBoy 16:24 10 Nov 2003

I have a new machine and have installed AOL 8.0 dial-up (no broadband in my area yet) but for some reason some of the websites that i regularly look at are unobtainable and come up as - website not available please try again later (click here) when i know this not to be the case as i can get them on my old machine running windows 98. Others eg click here come up but the menu bars on these website doesn't work and comes up as an empty box with the little red x in the top corner. I know that this may be fixed by the internet settings but i don't know what it is that i am looking for - please help cause i miss my favourite websites

  palinka 17:10 10 Nov 2003

have you looked at security settings on your new computer; they may be set diferently to your old one. Control Panel > Internet Options > Security. see if there are any differences.

  palinka 17:15 10 Nov 2003

the little red X indicates a picture missing - happens when you're viewing an internet page off-line. Maybe your isp is dropping you from time to time?

  VoG II 17:54 10 Nov 2003

click here for the red X problem.

  NarcosisBoy 19:03 10 Nov 2003

tried the above folks and still nothing at all seems to be no help - tried looking throught the control panel but this hasn;t made a difference - i know that its not a huge problem but it is annoying to be honest. Thanks for all the help folks. Hope someone comes up with an idea.

  [email protected]@m 19:17 10 Nov 2003

On the AOL screen, click the Help button. There's a few things in there to try.

  A_World_Maker 19:42 10 Nov 2003

Check to see the size allocated to your Internet Cache...
try flushing it from Tools... Internet Options.... Check the 'Advanced' tab and make sure you have not deselected the show pictures function....

  BackSlash 20:06 10 Nov 2003

This worked for me, but in Internet Explorer.

Right Click inside the window you are working in (the one with the red crosses), and click Encoding. If it is not at Autoselect, tick it. If it is, then choose something like Western European (Windows) first, and try the rest until the problem is resolved. Good Luck!!

  NarcosisBoy 23:55 10 Nov 2003

sorry folks tried all of the above and none of it seems to work at all - not a clue what is happening - i know it is not a huge deal but it does piss me of a bit - think i'll drop the machine back to the shop that i got it from and get them to have a look - thanks for all fo your help folks much appreciated

  Newstarter 00:04 14 Nov 2003

I think you should AOL up cos it's free.

  petersmyth1 01:50 14 Nov 2003

As the last post nearly said why post here when AOL support helpline is a free phonecall away. Mind you that's no excuse for using AOL, I wouldn't touch that PC invader again with a bean pole, whatever the hell that is. .....Peter

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