Internet problem

  JF25 18:52 11 May 2012

I have a problem with my internet not starting after being unused for a few days on my Acer laptop. There is nothing wrong with the router as all lights are blue and the laptop works perfectly. I get a message that Bt ,my server will get it back going again which it does but it takes time to get going again as I have to go through the whole process of all the different pages. My laptop runs Vista home premium and has 4gb of memory. It also loses the correct ime as well after unuse for a few days, oddly enough it is only the hour time that is affected the minutes are always right. The Clock is a bit annowing but can be lived with but any suggestion what might be causing the internet drop out would be appreciated. Thanks J

  Terry Brown 20:02 11 May 2012

Can you connect another computer to the modem? , if so does the internet work OK?.

It appears by your letter that BT is aware of the problem, but is slow in finding the problem- How long have you had the problem?.

If this is a wireless connection, could you fit a cable between the modem and the computer to try out a direct link.

I'm wonndering if the battery in your laptop has developed a fault and is no longer supplying enough power to keep your system setting OK-- Does it work alright when plugged into the mains?.

Just suggestions to try


  lotvic 20:10 11 May 2012

I think if you put the clock to the correct country and time zone it will cure the internet dropouts. At the moment your computer does not have the same time settings as your ISP server so every time it checks it they 'argue' with each other.

  JF25 09:42 12 May 2012

Thank you Terry and lotvic. 1It is a wireless connection and which works perfectly with my desktop PC. I assume therefor that the fault lies with my laptop so I have not been in touch directly with BT only their automatic service.

Lotvic I think you may be right about the time zones which would account for the minutes being correct and the hours wrong but I do not know how to change the time zone, perhaps you could help. Thanks again John

  spuds 10:59 12 May 2012

Click on the clock, and that should bring a window up, so you can make changes to time, zone etc.

  rdave13 17:02 12 May 2012

If the date and minutes are correct then click on the clock as spuds suggests, click change date and time settings, and under the Date and Time tab check it's set to (UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London. Tick the box for Notify me when the clock changes. Under the Internet Time tab select change settings and check the box is ticked for synchronize with an internet server, my selection is time windows .com. Always select the Apply tab when making changes. It could be you're on the wrong settings as it is BST.

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