Internet ports

  VCR97 20:26 23 Jun 2004

How do I close and reopen ports, please?

  Indigo 1 22:21 23 Jun 2004

Why would you want to ?

  VoG II 22:24 23 Jun 2004

Which firewall are you using? You haven't exactly saturated us with information.

  curlylad 01:06 24 Jun 2004

As VoG™ & Indigo 1 say , why on Earth would you want to do that ? If it is hackers you are worried about getting into open ports etc then get a Firewall if you haven't already got one.
Heres a link to a free firewall click here follow the links on the left to free edition/download.

  Dan the Confused 01:22 24 Jun 2004

Or is click here the kind of thing you are looking for?

  VCR97 19:31 24 Jun 2004

I use Norton Internet Security 2004.I ran the on-line security test which identified some open ports which it said were possible points of intrusion, so it seems logical to a non-expert to close them. Isn't it logical?

  MartinT-B 08:39 25 Jun 2004

It is logical. Does your NIS include a firewall?

If not, get one, it's the best way to close ports.

If so, I don't know why any were open - have you tested on other security sites for confirmation ofthese 'open' ports ?

try click here

  The Dark Sage 11:56 25 Jun 2004

were open. If we know what is open then we might be able to tell you how to close them

  VCR97 23:01 25 Jun 2004

NIS does include a firewall. I haven't checked with another site. Port 23 (Telnet) and 1025 (Unused Windows services Block) are said to be open. The test program gives the impression that they shouldn't be but it's all a mystery to me. I'm beginning to think that perhaps it isn't worth the bother.

  terryr48 23:45 25 Jun 2004

I ran the NIS security tests as well and it said some of my ports were open despite the fact that i have NIS 2004 all updated etc I have just run another test at click here at it came up as everything secure.

  Gaz 25 01:07 26 Jun 2004

Norton Internet Security opens port 23 and 1025 sometimes. No idea why.

Go to Client for Microsoft services in the prgram control and set to block, that stealths the port.

Dont trust preventon - its a joke.

Try click here sheilds up

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