internet pop ups

  baron bill 17:51 05 Aug 2003

how do i stop pop-ups occuring. Some how from hotmail i seem to have this problem where i get no stop porn pop ups. These are not only images of women but are of a vile disgusting & degrading nature. This has only just occured. Can they be stopped or do i need to blank my system?

i have a permanant internet link and young child (9yrs old)

help please

  VoG II 17:57 05 Aug 2003

click here if you mean Messenger pop-ups.

  VoG II 18:06 05 Aug 2003

by e-mail

no this isn't messenger, this is full porn sites requiring credit card payment but also limited free access including full motion video


I mean Messenger like click here , not instant messaging.

  Jester2K II 20:10 05 Aug 2003

VoG the Messenger spam can't show piccys so these must be normal pop ups.

baron bill - when do these occur. During surfing? Anytime? Or when you open your e-mail?

  Jester2K II 20:12 05 Aug 2003

You could try using AdAware click here and / or SpyBot click here to make sure you don't have any Adware serving up these ads on your PC.

Do you use Outlook Express? If so is the Preview Pane on? (Ie does the message open automatically when you click on it in a lower window instead of opening in a new window after double clicking?)

  Jester2K II 22:27 05 Aug 2003

don't use outlook express, prefer outlook XP. The images don't appear from my normal email. I used to have a hotmail account but due to the junk mail gave it up a few years ago but have retained it so that i can direct junk mail to it instead of present normal email account. The images appear whilst surfing but today appeared whilst the machine was unused but connect to broadband link. Have used your suggestion and went to adaware and have removed 106 files (what they are i don't know but i really don't care, just don't want this type of stuff on my pc) Will see what happens over next few days, but thanks for the assiatance.

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