Internet pages jumping

  Macnut 16:13 02 Jun 2005

When I am on the internet and their are a series of pages the computer will suddenly jump to a different page.

Is there any way of stopping this?



  pauldonovan 16:48 02 Jun 2005 you mean as in the site wants to redirect you and does? Or do you think it is not related to the particular site.

Can you give an example of a site that we can try?

Or your PC is involuntarily going off to other pages on the site?

Or you are getting pop-up windows ?

  pauldonovan 09:42 03 Jun 2005

Quoting your email:

"YouGov produces a problem - I fill in one page - submit it and page two appears etc - then any page appears including page one!!! Same problems with all similar web sites."

I don't get it - woudln't you expect page 2 to appear after page one like that? When you say "then any page appears" you mean a random page?

I wonder if it is cookies. Some sites use those to track where you are in the process.

Are you using IE?

  pauldonovan 10:48 03 Jun 2005

Quoting your email message: "Yes - it could go to page 4 or 8 or 1 or any page Outlook express 6 Windows XP Thanks for your interest Mac nut"

Do you mean Internet Explorer 6 ?

Sounds like a site problem, or do you have others that do the same thing? Might be worth contacting the site's support team.

If it is happening on multiple sites then I still think it might be cookie related.

Go Tools, Internet Options, then the Privacy tab - what setting are you set to on that page with the slider, for cookies? Mine says 'Accept all'.

  p;3 12:05 03 Jun 2005

perhaps more info might help
are u using OE for your mails , what antivirus protection etc do you have on there; and please post your response on this forum and not via the yellow envelope:)

do you have several pages open at the same time or are you on one page and you are suddenly switched to another without asking to ;
do you have adaware and spybot programs on there, and dial up or BB

and how long has this been going on for?

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