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  Pau1JB 15:59 08 Nov 2006

Hi, i was wanting to know if anyone could give me some advice. I currently have an old netgear DG814 ADSL modem router, and it is very crap. As the upnp doesnt work to well, i cant get connections on bit torrents etc. So i was thinking of upgrading.

I saw this click here the ASUS WL-500g Premium. Althought from what i gather i need a seperate modem. Also i would like this becuase u can download to external hd while the computers are off and i wanted to use the external hd for music storage so other computers can use music without having to turn my computer on.

what do u think of this set up?

  mgmcc 21:50 08 Nov 2006

As you obviously have ADSL broadband, I would strongly advise against trying to use a separate ethernet ADSL modem and a router. Stick with a *combined* Router/Modem.

  Pau1JB 22:46 08 Nov 2006

Y? whats wrong with combining the two, is it security issues or just a hassle getting the two to work together?

  mgmcc 09:15 09 Nov 2006

The problem is that ADSL in the UK uses PPPoA protocol (PPP over Asynchronous Transfer Mode) and Cable/DSL routers only support PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet).

This isn't a problem in the US where their DSL does use PPPoE - they can connect a separate ethernet DSL modem. In the UK, you would have to get an ethernet ADSL modem that can connect to the ADSL service independently from either the router or the PC, so the router plugs in to an already active network, as is the case with Cable broadband.

I believe that D-Link have hardware that allows a separate Router and ADSL Modem to be used but have never come across a similar solution from any other manufacturer (which doesn't mean there isn't one).

  Pau1JB 16:55 09 Nov 2006

I have seen people with a adsl modem with an ethernet connection just connect into a router and it works straight off. What does asus expect you to do with this router, it is the only way to get it to work?

  mgmcc 17:17 09 Nov 2006

OK, do it your way.

  Pau1JB 20:45 09 Nov 2006

Look i didnt mean that way. its just i really would like this router and simply would like to know if there is anyway i can get it to work? Like can i not set the modem up first on its own and then connect it to the router? do routers not have options to select pppoa and pppoe?

Thanks for your advice


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