Internet via NetgearDG834G

  bt49 16:52 26 Jul 2010

Hi, My ISP is 'talktalk'. I use a Netgear DG834G router (wired). More often than not I loose the signal or connection. The little rapidly flashing internet icon should be yellow. However, mine with a mind of it's own changes to orange and I loose the connection. I have to always disconnect the power and start all over again. Does anyone have any ideas why this happens? Many thanks

  Ashrich 20:23 26 Jul 2010

Have a word with TalkTalk , they have probably set your connection too fast , hence it having trouble maintaining the connection to the exchange , they might need to back it off a little bit .


  handful 13:13 19 Aug 2010

TalkTalk too fast......that would be a first!! Could also be caused by interference from other wireless devices, DECT phones, video senders etc.

  Ashrich 22:34 19 Aug 2010

Wireless interruption wouldn't cause a router to constantly re-synchronise with the exchange , would it ...or perhaps you know better ?

Too fast as in too fast for bt49's line length , and of course , if you read the post properly you would have noticed that the router is being used wired not wireless .


Have you checked the router settings against the installation advice from your supplier? Do they have a helpline? Also if you're not using wireless make sure it's disabled in the DG834 itself. If you have visitors who need it set the parameters up so it works and then enable it when needed.

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