internet on my friends laptop

  casper69 12:18 07 Jan 2007


  Technotiger 12:19 07 Jan 2007

Err ... Hello?

  casper69 12:20 07 Jan 2007

can i put the internet on my friends laptop even if they dont have a telephone line in there home and how would i do this and whats the best internet provider for this my friends a student so they wont want to pay much

  Technotiger 12:25 07 Jan 2007

Simple answer - No.

The only possible way for your friend to have Internet on the laptop is to fit a Wireless LAN CardBus PC Card - if they have not already got a similar item built-in. With this one could then access the Internet through the many Free WiFi Hotspots dotted around the country, they have them in garages, hotels, pubs etc.


  Belatucadrus 12:54 07 Jan 2007

click here yes, but the running costs are likely to be high.
Please note I'm not suggesting this particular card as reading the notes shows there are issues with it, the low price probably due to lack of XP drivers. Just using it as an example of what you could look for.

  Taff™ 13:09 07 Jan 2007

click here for a T-Mobile contract. VodaphoneOrange et al do them too. If he has a mobile phone and bluetooth on both laptop & phone he could connect via dial up but check the costs withhis provider. Most phone providers also offer packages on phones using GPRS/3G dependant on the phone - check for the options.

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