Internet latency issues

  thor84 20:05 02 Dec 2008

Hello, I've got a very confusing problem. I've tried everything I can think of and I've frankly never been stumped like this before with regards to Internet connections.

Overall, my internet connection has lately degraded in performance, somewhat lower download speeds and occasional big drops in performance, but I still get at least minimum 200-300 kBps which is fair enough. The big problem however is an odd latency problem. Everything has much higher latencies than it normally should; typically most things have a latency of between 30ms and 150ms on this connection, but lately it's typically 180ms - 1000ms. That's bad enough, but I use Ventrilo (voice communication program) on a regular basis and this has gone absolutely crazy.

When running Ventrilo I connect to a server on port 3784, after connecting I'll typically have around 150ms - 600ms latency which isn't great for speech anyway, but the moment I start transmitting I will get latencies of 20,000ms up to an incredible 15 MINUTES. It doesn't disconnect, it doesn't time out, it just takes anything between 20 seconds and 15 minutes before whatever I said into the microphone gets to the receivers. The delay will increase more and more for every single transmission I make, but it only works one way - anything the others on the server transmit arrive on my end within roughly 1 - 4 seconds.

After testing on another computer on the same network to make sure it wasn't a computer problem I decided that this was probably a routing problem and that my packets were being routed a stupid route that took too long. In order to test that I tried connecting Ventrilo through a proxy in a friends house who was on the Ventrilo server, thus routing from mine to his, which worked fine as I could VPN to his house without problems, then using his routing table to get to the server (and his obviously worked). This had exactly the same effect and I tried a number of other methods to circumvent any potential routing problems including tunneling the Ventrilo packets through a different port, all to no avail.

I've tried setting up a different voice program, which works fine latency wise, but the sound quality is simply too bad to hold any kind of conversation.

So, to sum up that big wall of text, my internet connection has overall bad latency problems, but specifically for the Ventrilo program it's absolutely impossible to use. I have no idea what's causing it and the ISPs tech support is completely pointless as always. If anyone has any ideas of what I could try it would be much appreciated.

  brundle 00:11 03 Dec 2008

VOIP uses TCP & UDP, UDP is connectionless so the timeouts are irrelevant for that protocol. More info; OS, firewall, router make/model, port forwarding settings?

  thor84 02:42 03 Dec 2008

Windows XP, no firewall, though my router is obviously a NAT and may have some basic firewall on it. It's a D-Link DIR-655, I've reset it to factory settings etc and no luck. Port forwarding is only active when requested via UPnP, basically never. The setup has been working succesfully for 5 months and decided only recently to be a pain. The last couple of hours it's randomly been better, although still of very varying quality.

  recap 20:56 03 Dec 2008

Have you installed any software that may be conflicting with Ventrilo?

  thor84 21:32 03 Dec 2008

I've not installed anything at all between the last time it worked perfectly and now. And very little at all before then, I only reinstalled windows two months ago and haven't bothered putting much on it.

  brundle 23:01 03 Dec 2008

Can you try a different router?

  jeckyjil 08:20 05 Dec 2008

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  thor84 08:22 05 Dec 2008

I've tried the Orange Livebox crap they gave me, but it's no different unfortunately. There's little to no settings and information on the thing either and I don't have any other routers unfortunately. I would try connecting my computer directly to the phone socket, but I don't have an internal dsl modem.

  brundle 16:04 05 Dec 2008

you may get more luck if you start your own thread rather than posting to an existing one on a different subject

To clarify - the same problem occurred when you used the VPN to your friend's PC?
"thus routing from mine to his, which worked fine as I could VPN to his house without problems, then using his routing table to get to the server (and his obviously worked). This had exactly the same effect..." - not entirely clear if you mean it was fine, or it was the same as your own non-working system? Are you using Vista? Have you got TCP auto-tuning enabled? Have you checked your MTU settings? I realise you have already said the problem started of it's own accord without you changing anything but check everything anyway. Lots of information on ADSL and MTU stuff here click here

  thor84 19:14 05 Dec 2008

When I used VPN to my friends PC it was just as bad, which confused me since his works without problems. I'm using Windows XP, I've never heard of TCP auto-tuning, but from googling it I'm guessing it's a Vista feature? So no, I doubt it's enabled. MTU is standard Ethernet (1500 bytes). As far as I can tell, everything is the same as before :\

  brundle 20:51 05 Dec 2008

XP doesn't have TCP Autotuning,so nothing to configure on that front. PPPOE/A adds its own headers which increase the size of the packets beyond the maximum, it's worth investigating. I can't think of much else, to be honest. Checked your line stats and the condition of your ADSL filters lately ? See the kitz site for that too.

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