internet interuption

  greenkeen 22:42 28 Apr 2007

My internet connection keeps being disconected according to my computer and I cannot access any websites. Acording to Zonealarm the connection is still active and according to network properties it is still active as well.
To get it back up Ihave to unplug the power cord from the cable modem and plug it back in.
I am running Xp with a cable modem connected to a wireless router whic is wired to the main computer. When the connection is dropped the wireless network is off too.
Hope you can help.

  MAJ 22:51 28 Apr 2007

Try temporarily turning off Zonealarn, see if it's the cause.

  greenkeen 23:13 28 Apr 2007

Zonealarm is not causing the problem. I have just checked and it still gets interupted.

  Krysler 01:53 29 Apr 2007

Im having net connection problems myself. ISP has been fine until a couple of days ago when the connection problems started. Am constantly connected to adsl but ISP seems to be cutting me off during peak times. Today i was happily playing online games between 2 and 7pm. Dead on 7 i was dc`d and had to wait a couple of minutes befre bing reconnected. I dont seem to be connected for more than 5-10minutes before being cut off once again.
I`m with the infamous Pipex, though might be changing shortly if this keeps up and read that theyve been using P2P throttling, though ive only been affected over the past week. Anyone have any ideas?
Also looked at SecurIX and wondered if anyone had any feedback for that? thanks loads :)

  birdface 07:45 29 Apr 2007

There has been a lot of problems with Zone Alarm,Either Delete it ,Run C Cleaner,Then reinstall it.Or Delete it,Run C Cleaner and download another Firewall.

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