The internet - How does it work?

  goose1984 22:26 07 Jul 2006

Hi all,

I am just sitting here wondering how the internet actually works.

Could anyone give me a real simple explanation?


  VoG II 22:29 07 Jul 2006
  jacksony 08:38 08 Jul 2006

Well, basically, it's all run off a bloke's computer somewhere in Hemel Hempstead. He uses Windows 3.11, which is bit old for the task really, and he stays up till about 11.00 at night keeping things ticking over. After he goes to bed, you might notice the internet runs a bit slower, which is because he's not there to smooth things along.

  ArrGee 12:51 08 Jul 2006

I've got a feeling that he's just gone out shopping.

  p;3 13:09 08 Jul 2006

I recently took a win 3.II pc to a local tip; I do hope that that one has not been recycled by some startrek method for the purpose of running the web as that pc really did not want to work very well, and I confess I had also removed some rather vital parts from its innards before parting with it

and Vog; nice link:)

  ArrGee 21:58 09 Jul 2006

Crikey, my connection is running a tad slow at the moment. I've a feeling this chap from Hemel Hempstead might be Italian. No doubt he will see this, so...congratulations!!!

  Forum Editor 22:23 09 Jul 2006

is - in simple terms - just a vast network, and all our computers are (when they're connected) a part of it. Nobody 'owns' the internet, and nobody truly controls it. The fact that it works so well is due to a vast cooperative effort, and a readiness on the part of hundreds of thousands of server operators to observe the various conventions and protocols.

Each country attempts to manage the way that content on servers within its boundaries complies with the laws in force within its boundaries, and each country ultimately governs the way in which the internet works for its citizens. Because of its global nature,uniform regulation of the internet is beyond the control of any one country, and therev are anomalies - some countries censor content and freedom of access.

That aside for a moment, the internet is the nearest thing we have to a truly global communications network - freely accessible to anyone with a computer and an ISP account. In my opinion it ranks high in the list of great human achievements in terms of its potential, in fact it's probably the greatest.

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