internet help req pls

  dalelbarrow 08:38 20 Aug 2008

mt daughter has a lap top and it will not connect to the internet the wire from the modem works ok in my lap top but has no connection on hers and heop with this prob would be appreciated

  birdface 08:48 20 Aug 2008

When connected to the modem and booted up.Switch of the modem for 10 seconds and then turn it on again.

  birdface 09:09 20 Aug 2008

You must post your replies on here so others can see what you have tried.[i have tryed that i to no luck i have been told about KB951748 but i dont know how to get into add and remove programs on windows vesta can you advise pls.]Not sure how you do it in Vista as I use XP,I am sure someone will explain how to do it to you.

  DippyGirl 09:52 20 Aug 2008

Add/Remove programs has changed a bit
Control Panel> Programs & Features lets you Remove/Repair things
Windows Update lets you see what maintenance you have on, check for updates , download and install them
Be sure to logon as an Administrator - or swtich UAC off

  dalelbarrow 11:00 20 Aug 2008

still cant get a connection tryed un pluging and re start still nothing is there any one who can talk me through it please

  brundle 11:03 20 Aug 2008

Not enough to go on; "the wire from the modem" - dialup, broadband - make and model, ISP? Has the machine been able to access the internet before with the same set up?

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