internet hangs, but connection and speed fine!

  rickd 17:21 02 Dec 2009

My orange broadband connection normally runs at around 0.7 to 0.9 down, 0.4 up. For the past week when I use the internet, some pages can be slow to load or hang part way through. Refreshing the page usually works, and it randomly affects any website. My router shows a constant connection during all this, and it syncs after resetting no problem, and I have swapped over routers and the same happens, so its not the router. I've checked/swapped over all the cabling, disconnected other network pcs/switches. It randomly affects all pc's on the network.
When I run a speed test, the test sometimes hangs, other times it completes and shows a decent (by my standards) speed.
Yesterday I lost all internet connection for 2 hrs, although the router itself still connected OK to the internet?
Only thing I can think of is that it is due to me temporarilly attaching another router/wap to the network last week and this has caused some kind of IP address problem.
What should I try next??

  rawprawn 17:35 02 Dec 2009

Flush DNS is always an option worth trying
From a command prompt (run as admin) type,
ipconfig /flushdns and press enter
This will flush the DNS cache Then type,
net stop dnscache and press enter
followed by,
net start dnscache and press enter.

  rickd 17:57 02 Dec 2009

OK rawprawn, just done that. Do I have to do that on all the networked pc's? as I say, all the pc's on the network started this at the same time so far as I can tell - would it affect them all anyway?

Pages seemingly loading OK on this PC at the momment, but will have to test for longer as it seems random.

  rawprawn 08:30 03 Dec 2009

It won't hurt to flush them all

  rickd 08:34 03 Dec 2009

thanks rawprawn, but this hasn't solved it.
just ran a speed test and its down to 0.3 (down, but 0.4 up?), but also hanging. Any more ideas,

  rawprawn 09:01 03 Dec 2009

I would have a word with the tech guys at Orange

  ened 09:41 03 Dec 2009

Have you asked BT to check the line? We have had a lot of rain recently and it would only take a bit of moisture to cause an intermittent fault like this.

If it shows okay then the only option is rawprawn's suggestion. But (in the first instance) I would be inclined to insist on them checking their equipment rather than getting you to test your own

  rickd 10:40 03 Dec 2009

I've had problems in the past due to crap wires and rain (I live in a very rural setting) and that was my prime suspect, but that has always led to the connection intermittently dropping (i.e. light goes off on router, then it resyncs). In this case it seems to be constantly connected.

Maybe it's just dropping the connection for milliseconds - to short for the router to register its lost connection, but long enough to lose some traffic?? Is that possible?

From past dealings I know neither BT or Orange would be inclined to help much until it actually stops altogether.

If it is external to my home network, I guess I'll have to wait 'til it either gets better or worse - I just wanted to check if there was anything I could do in case it was my network to rule that out first.

  ened 11:14 03 Dec 2009

I know what you mean about Orange 'support', which is why I suggested calling them and getting them to check their end.

It has been my experience that if you call them they will deny there is a problem but it will miraculously resolve it self at a later time!

At least if you have made the call the problem has been logged.

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