Internet glitches

  Furkin 10:15 28 Sep 2012

Hi all,

Asus M5-78 + phenom IIx2 + 4gb RAM + 500w PSU + Win-7 32bit + BT & wired HH3.

I’m having a bit of a glitch at the moment with my internet connection, & am trying to ascertain if Google, IE9, BT, HH3 might be playing up ?

For the last 3 or 4 days, I keep getting an error saying something like “ lost connection, MS is trying to find out why”. Nothing ever comes up.

This can happen 2/6/8 times a day.

I have not added or deleted anything for a while – except auto MS updates.

The connections are all wired & of course, I’ve checked those. I’ve just run MS Essentials which resulted in nothing. I also did a Malwarebytes scan which came up with a malware -which I’ve deleted.

Firstly, are there any known glitches out there ?

Secondly, any idea what might be causing this ?

Cheers folks

  Nontek 10:17 28 Sep 2012

Have you tried resetting your Router?

  Furkin 10:29 28 Sep 2012

Not at the moment - I'll note the settings and do that now. Thanks

  Furkin 10:38 28 Sep 2012

Done that.

Will wait to see if it helps.

Thanks for your help Nt.

  Nontek 12:46 28 Sep 2012

Hope it works - but noting the settings is not actually needed, to reset simply switch off at mains, wait 20 seconds and switch on again - this is what is usually meant by 're-setting the router' ....

  Furkin 10:17 29 Sep 2012

Cheers again. I like to compare things 'before & after' - Justin Case.

I thought it was fixed, but its happened twice this a.m. Incidentally, the HH3 settings said that it had been running for 32 days.

I managed to printscreen the error messages, & hope they are here:-

Internet">">Internet glitch

  Furkin 10:18 29 Sep 2012
  Furkin 10:24 29 Sep 2012

I don't seem to have a handle on the 'new' photobucket !?

The description in the posted link suggests all is well (image is called IE9stoppedDuo)

Here's a different try:

  Furkin 10:24 29 Sep 2012
  Furkin 11:52 07 Oct 2012

Sorry for the delay Jock1e,

Been hospitalised for a few days.

Before I try "flushdns" - what does it do ?


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