Internet Gateway??

  bythor 22:10 05 Sep 2006

I'm running XP Pro, with BTBroadband on their router. Just found something in 'View network connection' that I'm pretty sure wasn't there before...
As well as my normal 'Local area connection' icon (and flashing icon in the system tray) I now see another connection called 'Internet connection' under the box listed Internet Gateway. The speed of the LAN icon shows the normal 100Mbps, but this 'gateway' shows 8.3Mbps.
Maybe someone here will tell me it's always been like this! But I'm fairly sure I haven't seen it before??
In case anyone mentions it, I've run Zonealarm Pro, AdAware, Spybot, CCleaner etc etc.

  ade.h 22:14 05 Sep 2006

You haven't somehow bridged two LANs and enabled ICS have you? Using ICS would naturally create a gateway. Right now, your gateway is your router and the closest that any of its clients get to seeing it is the gateway IP, as listed in ipconfig.

  bythor 22:27 05 Sep 2006

Erm.. not sure exactly. I did go through 'network
setup' a few days ago to network my laptop. Did the network setup disk on both but didn't seem to work so forgot about it because I use a hub for both to connect to the router. Do you think this is where the 'gateway' issue has arisen? How do I go about fixing it without a restore?

  bythor 22:29 05 Sep 2006

Ha! Just while I'm typing the last message, the 'gateway' connection has gone! What's going on?

  Ste Bla 18:45 11 Sep 2006

The internet Gateway refers to your modem/router, although not all the routers or computers give out/recive the info (or have the option on).

You are connected to the router (gateway) at 100mb however the internet connection from the router to your ISP is 8.3mb

This is a normal thing and it shows up on one of my PC's all the time and on another every now and then, strange but thats life.

Just to confirm nothing to worry about

  bythor 19:31 11 Sep 2006

Ste Bla
thanks for the info, I'll close this one then.

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