Internet file transfer

  Stylo 23:51 18 Mar 2007

I am currently travelling in Asia where internet connection speeds can be unreliable. My wife is trying to send me some large files from the UK - up to 3GB. We have tried using Skype file transfer but cant get better than 30 KB/s. I do not know if there is a better way to do this. Is it Skype's encryption that slows everything down?

Can anyone recommend a file transfer programme that's faster, reliable and secure?

A Google search gives loads of possibilities but who to use?? Free is of course good, but I don't mind paying a (modest) fee for something that works.

I realise it may be a forlorn hope if a bad connection is the limiting factor, but thought it worth asking.

  skidzy 00:03 19 Mar 2007

Can the files be compressed ? this will allow upto 2gb for a small fee click here though something that size is going to take a while to download... a long time to be brief.

  Stylo 00:21 19 Mar 2007

Now why didnt I think of compression??

Thanks I will give it a try. I realise it will take a long time to download, but am trying to get to hours rather than days......

  moorie- 00:29 19 Mar 2007

have at look at this one free up to 2gb
click here?

  skidzy 00:29 19 Mar 2007
  Stylo 01:03 19 Mar 2007

Thanks Both

We tried Winzip after Skidzy's first post, but to no avail. The files only compress by around 4%. Still more than 2Gb by a long way.

  moorie- 01:15 19 Mar 2007


i cant remember it was a while back but im sure the file transfer unlimited is well in excess of 4gb, i think 2 gb is for sync,i transferred over 5gb music from desktop to pc.

  moorie- 01:18 19 Mar 2007

sorry should of read desktop to laptop
heres a paragrapg from link
note unlimited file transfers

Any restrictions? We'll let you decide...

* Share files up to 2 GB in size
* Unlimited file transfers - no limits on quantity or size of files transferred
* Any file type - files are synced and transferred in their original format

  anchor 09:59 19 Mar 2007

If you cannot get a fast connection at your situation in Asia, then whatever service you use, would involve many hours of download time.

Perhaps a better solution is to ask your wife to burn them to DVD, and send it by something like DHL International Air Express.

  Stylo 16:16 19 Mar 2007


Have tried Fileshare. It works well in terms of remote access to my home PC and it allows me to download files below 2gb, but it does not want to play with files above that. In any case the download speeds are (unsurprisingly) the same as Skype ie slow. As I feared, I think anchor is correct and the best way is to resort to the modern version of the pony express. Having said that it is convenient for smaller files so I will keep it.

Thanks again to all for your help. High speed internet in Asia is often not what we are used to in Europe.

  Stylo 16:17 19 Mar 2007

Sorry, of course I meant Foldershare

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