internet explorers not working

  QUADDRA 23:29 24 Aug 2009

Hi all,
Visiting relations and have been asked to look at a long term problem they have with there Desktop PC ….. Its difficult to pinpoint any changes they have made that may have caused this problem as they say that basically everything was working the night before? Also this occurred months and months ago!

Problem is that internet explorers not working, also - probably associated to this is the fact that they are unable to download any programs get any tunes from itunes also windows update just wont work.
They are connected with BT wireless broadband and do have access to the net through bt yahoo also messenger works fine.
Unable to download anything through the yahoo access but can surf the net view youtube videos etc
Im by no means an expert but I would like to help them.
Pretty sure this is a software issue so worth having a go.
Pc is running XP, Windows firewall and McAfee antivirus.(McAfee also wont update) On scan No virus detected.
Tried a number of possibilities including -
- deleted browser history , temp internet files, form data cookies,
- tried Internet Explorer (no add ons) mode,
- disabled security and firewall temporarily
- repairing explorer through windows add remove programs
Also windows has not assigned an automatic IP address so don’t think this route is the problem especially as pc will work on the internet with bt yahoo.
No services are indicating any conflict
Tried sfc /scannow,
Have also tried reset Internet Explorer configuration settings.

All this and nothing has changed -
Still able to connect to the net through bt yahoo
Still able to use msn messenger
But internet explorer unchanged
Not able to use windows update
Not able to download anything
Just says you already have the latest version of internet explorer
Just to test, tried to download a small program through bt yahoo but keeps saying internet explorer unable to display webpage
Tried to download a tune through itunes but same problem

Now Im a bit stuck so is Windows restore the only option?

Any help would be appreciated and I will have a go with your suggestions tomorrow.
Hope we can fix this

  GaT7 23:44 24 Aug 2009

How is it with Firefox (FF) click here? This is as a temporary solution only for now.

Once FF is installed & running OK, install the IE Tab add-on from click here. Then see if you can open an IE tab within FF to visit sites, Windows Update, etc. Right-clicking on the FF taskbar > Customize will allow you to place an IE Tab icon on the upper toolbar for easy access.

Do a fresh install/recovery only as a last resort, & don't forget to do a thorough backup prior to this. G

  birdface 09:20 25 Aug 2009

You probably need some Good Anti-Spyware programs installed.Malwarebytes free is as good as any.But you would probably have to download it from your computer on to a disc or whatever.
Or try messenger.File.Go To.And click on msn home page.Then Browse for Malwarebytes free and download it.

  birdface 09:31 25 Aug 2009

Or if you can.If it opens the MSN home page drag the Icon from the left part of the address bar and drop it into the little house on the toolbar and that should make MSN your home page and it may start from there.
Now it does look as though you may have a bad infection if so try running your security programs in safe mode.
A very good pay for program is Trojan Remover.You get a 30 day trial but it will remove anything that it finds.if it asks for payment ignore that and carry on with the scan.Once again you may have to download it from your computer.
Once you run that it will allow you to update all of your other security programs.

  QUADDRA 15:35 26 Aug 2009

Hi all,
Ok tried Crossbow7s suggestion but unable to even download firefox.
What happens is - open btyahoo... no prob,
- find Firefox no prob,
- try to download
- opens internet explorer Window but still says - (Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage, What you can try, Diagnose connection problems, more information) ....
As mentioned already been through Diagnose connection.
Buteman Pc has Norten internet Security (not Mcafee my mistake) Also Spybot & Ad-Aware sorry didnt say before, and Spywareblaster installed.
Tried messenger. File. Go To. And click on msn home page and same prob as above.
Also tried running security programs (norton, Ad-Aware)in safe mode no probs detected.
Have downloaded Malwarebytes free
& Trojan Remover with my pc as you suggested. Installed on problem pc but error reported cannot access updater download server. Run scan any how, scan has found loads of rubbish - a number of trojans, allowed Trojan Remover to deal with it.
Restart Pc, tried Internet Explore but still the same.
Don’t understand why it will go online with BTYahoo send and receive emails with Outlook Express but wont work with Internet Explorer or download through BTYahoo or Windows update or update any programs etc

  birdface 16:07 26 Aug 2009

Is it an old version of Norton.maybe check the Firewall settings on that.Can you now update any of your security programs.If not you still have problems.
Not sure how you would do it now.but when downloading Malwarebytes etc you had to change its name to anything you like QUADDRA.tophat anything.This would let you click on it and be able to update it.Maybe someone else can explain it better.

  QUADDRA 16:18 26 Aug 2009

Hi buteman,
not an old version but not updated because of this problem.
Also tried what you said changing name but still wont update.
Still cant see why it should work with BTYahoo but not Explorer, etc.

Thanks buteman for trying to help

  QUADDRA 16:55 26 Aug 2009

This was all working together once. Just a silly question.... probably. BTYahoo conects to the net fine Explorer wont, do I have to go to internet options in explorer and set up a new connection or if it is set up and working with BTYahoo it should be working for the whole pc?? In other words is there a seperate internet options for Explorer and a separate internet options for BTYahoo?

  birdface 16:57 26 Aug 2009

Definately need Malwarebytes or Trojan Remover updated.I just wonder if you can download updated versions of above to Disc.I am sure you can but can't remember how. Just thinking maybe it is mbam or mbam.exe [Malwarebytes]that you need to change the name off.

  birdface 17:08 26 Aug 2009

Have you tried Safe Mode with Networking.And then try for updates.If you get them run the scans while in there.

  QUADDRA 17:18 26 Aug 2009

Yep tried Safe mode with Networking still wont work, nothing will update and explorer reports back the same.

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